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DLT Live And Virtual Events

April 2015

Public sector organizations today operate with diverse technologies and IT strategies designed to support their missions and mandates. Along with the benefits these systems provide to daily operations, they introduce complexities that result from deploying multiple systems over time—not only how to manage them individually, but how to derive meaningful, timely information from them as a whole.

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Learn how the Air Force can utilize the USTRANSCOM ULA to consolidate and protect data while maximizing the IT environment at the two-day event, Oracle Technology Exchange: Leveraging the USTRANSCOM ULA on April 7th and 8th at the Scott Club, Scott AFB, Illinois.


SolarWinds has released new versions of their products in the last few months, with more to come. Join us for a live, interactive Federal webinar to see the latest SolarWinds products and features of most interest to our Federal customers, demonstrated by their Federal Sales Engineer team.  

This webinar hosted by DLT Solutions and NetApp on March 25th at 2:00PM will focus on improving database performances. Attend this event to learn more about improving business agility and efficiency, increasing availability, and seamless management and migration of workloads with Non-disruptive Operations.

Your agency’s IT budget is under pressure on multiple fronts. You’re operating under the cost constraints of a federal deficit that exceeds $1 trillion, your responsibility for managing data continues to grow and the cost of maintaining legacy systems undermines your ability to migrate to newer, more efficient technology.

GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit features panel discussions and presentations designed to help agencies piece together the government tech puzzle. Join us on Wednesday, April 22nd to get real tips to tackle some of government’s biggest challenges.

Come for a lunch and learn from a Dell SQL Server expert how to address the top challenges in your SQL server environment. And....share real world experiences with DBAs who face the same challenges! 

May 2015

Scanning for vulnerabilities and scaling remediation across your agency requires your IT staff to continuously and proactively respond to cyber threats, advisories, patches, updates and more. Responding with manual actions further constrains IT resources and adds to response times. Empower your IT staff to focus on new and emerging threats through an integrated solution offered by Symantec and ForeScout Technologies, Inc. In this 2nd of a 3-part webinar series, cyber security experts from these two organizations will share immediate actions for transforming manual vulnerability management and remediation processes into automated ones

June 2015

Intelligence Driven Security provides a new level of defense against unknown and advanced persistent threats. The integrated solution offered by Symantec and ForeScout Technologies, Inc. applies a policy-driven, abstraction layer around systems, applications and users, ensuring emerging attack vectors are unable to compromise and exploit IT services. In the 3rd and final part of this webinar series, Symantec and ForeScout profile how systems should behave and operate within organizational policies and industry best practices. This proactive approach to securing against new threats married with traditional signature-based controls ensures a complete level of protection against known and unknown threats.