Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization in the Navy On-Demand Webcast

The Department of the Navy has committed to deliver more efficient and effective IT capabilities to our war fighters. To accomplish this goal it is likely that an increased adoption of virtualization technologies will be required both at the desktop and inside the data center.

What companies possess the solution portfolio to support the Navy through this physical to virtual transformational period? VMware? Microsoft? Red Hat?

Watch the ‘Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization in the Navy’ On-Demand webcast on how Open Source Virtualization, specifically RHEV, can assist the Navy and Marine Corps in delivering the benefits of virtualization (ie: high availability, live migration) to our war fighters.

During the on-demand webcast, James Labocki, Red Hat Solutions Architect for the Navy, covers:

  • The Benefits of Virtualization
  • Open Source Virtualization (KVM)
  • RHEV Today (2.2) and Tomorrow (3.0)