Understanding Solutions for API Management

In the digital economy, application programming interfaces (APIs) are essential for executing ideas quickly and seizing new business opportunities. They are the building blocks of digital transformation, enabling organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, create new revenue streams and connect employees, partners, apps and devices to data—anytime, anywhere.

APIs are not necessarily a new technology, but in today's digital world, they have risen in prominence and become important to every facet of the enterprise. This in turn has increased the demand for effective API management. But what does an effective solution look like?

The API Management Playbook will help you understand:
  • Why digital transformation is crucial in the application economy
  • How APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation
  • Which key stakeholders in your organization are impacted by APIs
  • What the API lifecycle is and how it relates to API management
  • Thirteen key “plays” that API management should deliver
  • The essential capabilities of an API management solution
  • What CA API Management brings to the table

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