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DLT Solutions specializes in providing a wide range of IT solutions for the education market. Whether you are a Higher Education Institution of a K-12 School District, DLT has you covered. We understand you want the very best for your students. At DLT we are here to help your IT staff with cutting edge solutions that will benefit your students and your university or school district as a whole.

Higher Education Solutions
Higher Education Solutions

Let DLT help your college or university overcome real-world challenges through its broad selection of best-in-class information technology products and superior services.  We understand that your institution has the incredibly important job of developing and maintaining excellence in all that you do and we are here to support you.    

DLT’s technologies can help you improve productivity across campus and maximize the success of your college or university.  Whether you are a small college with an abundance of challenges, or a large university that needs big solutions, DLT can help. 

K-12 Education Solutions

K-12 institutions have unique security requirements and a need for a streamlined IT environment. K-12 schools often lack support for their information technologies and have a smaller budget. Protecting the systems network also means protecting the children using it.

DLT allows your institution to focus on what is important, and can provide your school district with technologies that help you improve productivity, safely share critical information, maintain databases, and manage day-to-day administrative tasks.

DLT’s Education Partners