Alex Gounares is the founder and CEO of Polyverse Corporation, the world’s leading cybersecurity vendor of moving target defense technologies for Linux. Previously, Alex led Concurix Corporation, a maker of Node.js profiling tools. Alex also served for three years as Technology Advisor to Microsoft Chairman and founder Bill Gates, as well as Corporate Vice President of Corporate Strategy in Microsoft's Finance Department.



Moving Target “Polymorphic” Defense
One way our adversaries keep us on our toes is through polymorphic malware: malware that “shape-shifts” to avoid simple means of detection, but still does what our foes want. It would be great to flip the script, to create a defensive structure that constantly morphed into new forms, endlessly complicating the attackers’ task, while still doing what we want. Defending against entire classes of attack, instead of swatting away one mosquito at a time, would also make life easier and safer for the defender. Polymorphic defense does both of these things, tipping the economy of scale in favor of the “white hats”.


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