Matt Micene

September 27, 2016
Troubleshooting Dockerfile Builds with Checkpoint Containers premium
The scene I recently ran into some problems compiling code while building a docker image using a Dockerfile. The compile process wasn’t working, so the failed `make install` was stopping the container image from being built. There’s 3 ways I could have approached troubleshooting this failed build. I used what I’m calling a “checkpoint container” […]
October 26, 2015
Translating Enterprise Architectures to Container Services premium
With the premise of containerized applications and thin specialized operating systems to support container workloads sorted, how do we use containers to deliver our software? It seems like we put all our code into one big container, tell the operating system where to find it, maybe expose a port on a network address, and we’ve got a […]
August 25, 2015
Simplifying Application Delivery with Containers premium
In my last post, I mentioned that a good use case for containers is managing application deployments.  I’m going to go a step further here and state that containers are the next evolution of application packaging and application run time separation. Packaging in the time of Docker In the beginning, an application was created from […]
Red Hat Atomic Hosts & Docker: What You Need to Know premium
A few months ago Red Hat released the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host, aimed at bringing enterprise rigor to the emerging container-based application delivery systems.  Looking ahead to Red Hat Summit, there are over 10 sessions on containers including a hands-on lab with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host.  So what exactly […]
February 18, 2015
RHEL 7 Redhat-Upgrade-Tool premium
By: Matt Micene, Solutions Architect This is the follow up to the preupgrade-assistant post, start there to get the full story. In our last episode, we took at look at the evaluation we’d need to do in order to upgrade a RHEL 6 system to RHEL 7 using the new tooling.  Here, we’re going to […]
August 27, 2014
RHEL 7 Preupgrade-Assistant Tutorial premium
One of the new features announced with RHEL 7 is the ability to do an in-place upgrade from RHEL 6. This is a long requested addition to the platform, and I'm sure welcomed by a host of folks. So I decided to take a look in my local environment to see what the process entails.
June 10, 2014
OpenShift, Virtualenvs, and Software Collections premium
Matt Micene teaches you how to use scl software collections with Red Hat's OpenShift to manage dependencies via Python and virtualenv.
Fuzz Pedals, Mastery, and Hype Cycles premium
I've been talking with lots of different folks on a theme that I picked up from Kathy Sierra and others: expertise in tools is a result of using them in practice, not for the sake of being an expert.
April 9, 2014
Use the Source, Luke premium
I was once told by a good friend that "open source is all well and good, but as a “John Doe” admin what do I need the source code for? It never does admins any good to have the source." At that time, I conceded. It probably wasn't as valuable for admins; it was for developers who need to change the behavior of something. Until today....
March 24, 2014
The “OK, Well, Now What?” of Cloud Infrastructure premium
High atop the soap box here on Beard Mountain, I've been thinking (and quietly pontificating) about technology adoption, particularly the "state of cloud". We are at the stage of adoption where technology is adopted for the sake of the technology. How many times do you find yourself starting with a new gadget, and once it's in hand, the first thought crossing your mind is "OK, well, now what?"