August 6, 2018
3 Ways Procurement Teams Can Make Smarter FFYE IT Purchasing Decisions premium
The 2018 federal busy season, or FFYE, is upon us. With almost one-third of agency dollars being awarded during the last quarter of the fiscal year, this is peak buying season and the busiest time of year for federal procurement officers. But with the pressure to make smart IT buying decisions – and very little […]
The Five Elements of Application Performance Management premium
Every federal IT pro understands the importance of network monitoring, systems management, database performance monitoring, and other essential functions. The IT infrastructure must be working optimally to ensure overall performance. What about application performance? The reality is, even with a lightning-fast infrastructure, if application performance is poor, then end-users will have a poor experience. Proper […]
Digital Design Month: What the Autodesk and ESRI Partnership Means for Government Infrastructure premium
Late in 2017, Autodesk and ESRI announced a new partnership to “advance infrastructure planning and design”. The relationship was positioned as helping build a bridge between building information modeling (BIM) and GIS technologies. But what does the relationship mean for government infrastructure projects? Taking 3D Contextual Design to the Next Level Autodesk has already invested […]
Federal Agencies are Playing a Game of Hope with Two-Factor Authentication premium
Shortly after the federal government suffered it’s largest and costliest data breach ever at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), a post-mortem analysis found that the breach was entirely preventable, and the exfiltration of security clearance files of government employees and contractors could have been prevented through the implementation of two-factor authentication for remote log-ons. […]
What Agencies Need to Consider When Updating Password Protocols in 2018 premium
Movies and TV would have us believe that data breaches are long, hard-fought battles between the good guy and the bad guy—and the bad guy wins. That could not be further from reality. Hackers are opportunistic. They want to spend as little time as possible getting into the system, getting what they need, getting out, […]
Meet GovDesignHub: At the Crossroads of Public Sector and Digital Design premium
The CAD and digital design sector is vast and growing at breakneck speed. It’s expected to reach $11.21 billion by 2023. Many end-use industries such as automotive, aerospace, entertainment, industrial machinery, civil and construction, electrical and electronics, pharmaceutical, and healthcare, consumer goods, and others, widely use CAD and 3D design-based tools in their development processes. […]
Can Blockchain Help Agencies be More Efficient? premium
Blockchain is no longer just a buzzword or simply a “technology to watch.” This database technology is being explored by agencies across government, from the General Services Administration (GSA) to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), from the Federal Maritime Commission to military supply chain professionals across the Department of Defense (DoD). The promise […]
Mark Your CAD Calendars: DLT and Lynn Allen Present… premium
The holidays have arrived early to the government CAD community. Lynn Allen is coming to town and online in a city near you! DLT has partnered with everyone’s favorite Autodesk evangelist and tips and tricks queen to bring you a series of tech breakfasts and webinars. Starting this May and continuing over the next few […]
Revit 2019 is Here. It Has Everything You Asked For. premium
Aside from developing one of the sought after building information modeling (BIM) software in the industry today, you’ve got to hand it to the Revit product managers over at Autodesk—they listen. Revit 2019 is here and the flagship BIM program delivers on many of the suggestions and feedback that Autodesk solicits on its Revit Ideas […]
Autodesk Tech Writer
Key Findings of 2018 Cyber Threat Report and How Government Can Respond premium
Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report is here. Based on data collected by Symantec’s massive security infrastructure (the largest civilian threat collection network in the world), the report has become the de facto standard for giving enterprises and public organizations essential information to help secure their systems effectively. By the nature of the topic, the […]