November 28, 2017
How Drones and Civil 3D Speed Construction Site Surveying by 10X premium
Did you know that construction is anticipated to be the largest use case for commercial drones? Drones can collect a site’s progress with a degree of accuracy previously unseen in the industry and reduce the amount of building site materials that end up in landfills. Furthermore, that sensor data can be turned into 3D models, […]
Autodesk Tech Writer
January 16, 2017
Drones in Construction: New Regulations and Proven Savings to Boost Adoption premium
The world drone market is anticipated to reach $127 billion in 2020, suggests PricewaterhouseCoopers. From real estate surveying and image capture to Hollywood films to hobbyists, the use cases are vast. But drones are also predicted to become a preferred tool for construction sites. Writing for Autodesk’s Redshift blog, Jeff Link reports that construction is […]
Government Writer