Government IT

November 16, 2017
7 Must-Have Elements of your Agency’s Incident Response Plan premium
DLT partner, Symantec, has put together a list of seven items you must add to any incident response plan. Here’s how it translates to government agencies. 1. Have a Workable Plan An incident response plan is your roadmap for responding to a cybersecurity attack. In this NextGov interview with Symantec’s Robert Myles and DLT’s Don […]
Government Tech Writer
March 22, 2017
How Agencies Not Impacted by the Federal Hiring Freeze Can Woo Cybersecurity Talent premium
Fighting hackers is hard enough, but a huge shortage of cyber workers could leave the government exposed. According to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 209,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. in 2016, although the number could be as high as 350,000. And while the federal government has significantly […]
March 8, 2017
A Government Buyer’s Guide to Flash Storage premium
As costs have declined, all-flash storage has become the de facto enterprise standard for primary storage and the foundation for any cloud – internal, SaaS, or public. For the public sector, flash can address agency modernization efforts (mobile, data analytics and cloud) and help cut costs and reduce power and space requirements, despite growing data […]
Information Architect
March 20, 2015
Three Strategies for Fighting the Growing Issue of Insider Threats premium
By Chris LaPoint, VP of Product Management, SolarWinds Altruistic hackers are slowly becoming more prominent in pop culture, specifically in TV shows in which they are young geniuses using their skills to help those in need. Their derring-do involves taking control of everything from airplanes to traffic signals, all in the name of good. And […]
January 22, 2015
Five Government IT Professionals Who Will Be in High Demand in 2015 premium
The saying “new year, new you” typically refers to the resolutions that people make around this time of year – but did you know it can also apply to the approach you can take in honing your 2015 IT skills? This year is going to bring some very specific challenges, requiring some very specific needs. […]
November 20, 2012
A Call for Ethical IT Selling: Part Two – A Code of Engagement premium
Thinking back on my previous article, a thought occurred to me: Those of us in the blogosphere, and certainly those of us assisting with governmental IT missions, need to maintain a stricter code of engagement that needs to first and foremost deal with what is needed, not just wanted, from the people that we try to inform. We can do this by applying some of the basics of the journalistic code to all our communications and recommendations:
November 15, 2012
A Call for Ethical IT Selling: Part One – Don’t Become a News Network premium
I recently had the opportunity to listen to a riveting keynote given by Ted Koppel at the Symantec Symposium in Washington, DC. Yes, Ted Koppel the journalist spoke at a technology conference, and was by far one of the best reasons to be there. Mr. Koppel started his discussion by giving the audience an overview of the […]
October 11, 2012
You’re Sinking My IT Ship: Why Continually Treating IT Like a Battleship is a Problem premium
Government IT has been characterized by long term monolithic systems that fail to deliver. Part of the problem is approaching IT as a complex durable good, like a battleship, with complete specifications, known life-cycles, and defined missions. Fighter aircraft have six generations of evolving technology and missions, each having known maintenance cycles, life spans, and changing requirements based on future planning and doctrine, as well as, mission feedback. IT has none of that because it has no duty cycle or doctrine. IT can be obsolete on delivery, regardless of development timeframe. IT delivery can redefine all previous requirements. IT has very little longevity, even if successful on delivery.
September 14, 2012
10 Areas of Concern in Cloud Security premium
The DLT Cloud Advisory Group is focused on the emerging cloud landscape and proactively engages with the public sector community interested in cloud computing. We also actively contribute to establish standards through our participation in various Standards Development Organizations. Along with IEEE, NIST, and the CSA, we are active contributors to the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC). Most recently, we have been assisting the CSCC Security Working Group’s research efforts for their recent whitepaper, “Security for Cloud Computing: 10 Steps to Ensure Success.”
April 3, 2012
Technically Speaking: It’s All in a NIEM premium
We are excited to announce the launch of Technically Speaking, DLT’s new podcast series dedicated to providing IT information to our public sector customers in an easy, listen-as-you-go format. TS will cover a variety of topics ranging from government IT initiatives to new products and solutions to any other topics that YOU would like to see discussed.