April 15, 2019
Aiding Modernization is Key to Future IT Sales premium
Congress and the Trump administration may not agree on much, but everyone wants to keep pressing federal agencies to strive for modernization with their information technology systems. In hearings just this month, for example, members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee bore in on VA’s struggle to replace its electronic health record system and to […]
January 31, 2018
Data Governance: Here’s a Fix to the People Problem and the Technology Problem premium
Government agencies store large volumes of information. Yet poor data quality and a lack of collaboration across functions can be stumbling blocks to information governance.  Some of the data is dirty, messy, and non-standardized making data sharing a challenge. Without holistic data governance, data is chaotic But some organizations still see data governance as it […]
June 21, 2016
How Hyperconvergence Makes IT Easy and Affordable premium
When news broke last month that the Pentagon is still using 1970s-era floppy disks to run its nuclear program, most of us expressed incredulity. Unless you happen to work for the federal government that is. According to federal CIO Tony Scott, the U.S. government spends 76% of its $88 billion IT budget on operating and […]
March 31, 2015
One-of-a-Kind Purchasing Program Simplifies Higher Ed Cloud Adoption premium
Keeping pace with changes in enterprise-level technology is no easy feat. For education institutions and universities, in particular, making sense of the available options for managing complex operational and technological infrastructures can be mind-boggling. The importance of cloud computing in this mix can’t be underestimated. Today, nearly 70% of higher education institutions in North America […]
March 10, 2015
Weeding Out Tax and Benefits Fraud with the Help of Big Data premium
Weeding out fraud is a big priority for the public sector. From unpaid and fraudulent taxes to benefit fraud, governments are turning to data to hit back. In Indiana, for example, the state has begun cracking down on identity thieves, saving a whopping $85 million in false tax refunds, reports The Pew Charitable Trusts. By […]
February 27, 2015
The Challenges and Opportunities of Agency Application Modernization premium
Cloud, enhanced service delivery, improved collaboration, all common goals and challenges for governments of all types. Yet one common thread runs through most agencies, regardless of their strategic goals and missions – over-burdened systems. When Vivek Kundra first touted the federal Cloud First strategy in 2011 he described the current government IT environment as one […]
February 26, 2015
Got Database Bloat or Health Issues? premium
“Big data” and the rise in demand for database services puts increasing pressure on IT departments. End users demand access to data at higher speeds and management wants that data delivered and managed at a lower operational cost. Data stores are expanding at an exponential rate, compromising the performance of servers and applications. This growth […]
February 13, 2015
Power up Your Agency Data Center with The Latest Release of RHEV 3.5 premium
On February 11, Red Hat announced its newest release – Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5 (RHEV for short).  This latest upgrade to Red Hat’s open source virtualization platform promises to deliver greater visibility into provisioning, configuring and monitoring of virtualization infrastructures and tighter integration with the OpenStack cloud infrastructure platform. In addition, customers can expect […]
February 2, 2015
Open Source – A Game Changer for Government Application Modernization premium
According to Federal Computer Week, federal agencies spend almost half of their annual IT budgets on supporting legacy applications. Even more worrying, about 47% of the government’s existing IT applications are based on legacy technology that needs modernizing. While digital government innovation is on the rise, as evidenced by websites like and numerous state […]