Matt Micene & Dave Egts Talk Cybersecurity: Red Hat, SELinux & sVirt premium
In today's National Cyber Security Awareness Month post, Matt Micene, Solutions Architect (and frequent Technically Speaking blogger), interviews Dave Egts, Red Hat Public Sector's Chief Technologist. They discuss Red Hat cyber security, covering SELinux, sVirt, virtualization, cloud, and open source security.
September 6, 2013
Technical Debt & Vendor Lock-In premium
Vendor lock-in is either a key technology problem or an overhyped marketing missile depending on the point of view. I think there's a definition problem at the heart of the agita over in the issue. John Dewey remarked, "A problem well put is half-solved," so I aim to reframe the question while trying to avoid bikeshedding. The heart of vendor lock-in is the obscene nature of the problem, by which I mean "I know it when I see it" a la Potter Stewart's famous opinion on obscenity laws. You can almost hear the start of a Jeff Foxworthy routine...
June 3, 2013
Technically News – 6/3 premium
This week in Technically News: One Small Step for NASA, One Giant Leap for Open Source; Chinese Hack Targets Weapons’ Designs; SolarWinds Raises Profile in Cloud-Based IT Management; 30 Years of Accumulation: A Timeline of Cloud Computing; Tracking the Evolution of Big Data: A Timeline.
October 19, 2012
Tapping Open Source: Linux Philosophy and the Government premium
With Mil-OSS WG4 over and 2012’s Red Hat Government Symposium kicking off on Tuesday, my mind naturally wanders to topics such as “The Open Source Way” and how Open Source Jedi can help influence the mission.  We often talk about the technological side of Open Source: the quality code, the agile frameworks, the powerful tools. […]
September 9, 2011
Looking back on 20 years of Linux premium
September marks the 20th anniversary of the initial 0.01 release of the Linux kernel to the world, by self-proclaimed hobbyist Linus Torvalds, as an unportable and unprofessional free operating system. Little did Linus know that he was starting a project that would become one of the leading choices in the operating system space.
December 6, 2010
Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability for Linux premium
Veritas Storage Foundation has an optional utility called Simple Admin, that you can switch Veritas File system and Veritas Volume Manager. The Simple Admin utility simplifies storage management by providing a single interface to the administrator and by abstracting the administrator from many of the commands needed to create and manage volumes, disk groups, and file systems.