August 5, 2019
Exclusive Interview: NetApp Data Fabric Revolution premium
DLT Solutions recently sat down with NetApp Senior Director of U.S. Public Sector Channel Sales, David Drahozal, to discuss the recent revolution of NetApp’s data fabric solutions. DLT: So David, tell us a little about what you do at NetApp. David: For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of leading the US Public Sector […]
June 7, 2018
Why a Data Fabric is the Answer to Managing Data in the Hybrid Government Cloud premium
Federal government agencies as well as states and cities are rich repositories of data – data on everything from health to public safety, education to the environment. But those same organizations have moved beyond being isolated data storehouses. Data is no longer locked away on devices and storage drives, hidden behind firewalls. Instead, it’s becoming […]
Information Architect
June 12, 2017
[Guide] Make DevOps a Reality at Your Agency premium
Oh DevOps, DevOps. You hear time and again how it’s the future of application development and deployment. You’re told you need to implement it and engrain its best practices across your organization. But making a shift from the old way of doing things, however error-prone, slow, or disruptive it may be in comparison to the […]
Enterprise Platforms Marketing Manager
May 16, 2017
[Webinar] Army Chief Discusses How Agencies Can Lay Foundations for Next Gen Data Center premium
Hybrid clouds are increasingly seen by government agencies as a comfortable solution to both their desire and mandates to move to the cloud. Highly sensitive data can be stored on-premises in a private cloud – using their existing infrastructure – while lower risk data and non-sensitive computing workloads can be placed in the public cloud […]
Information Architect
9 Reasons to Take a Look at Backup Exec 15 premium
Are you trying to make the business case to your management that it’s time to upgrade to Backup Exec 15? Backup Exec 15 has all the hallmarks that you’d come to expect of the platform – great performance, consistently successful recoveries, management tools, and support for new platform releases. But Backup Exec 15 goes one […]
February 26, 2015
Got Database Bloat or Health Issues? premium
“Big data” and the rise in demand for database services puts increasing pressure on IT departments. End users demand access to data at higher speeds and management wants that data delivered and managed at a lower operational cost. Data stores are expanding at an exponential rate, compromising the performance of servers and applications. This growth […]
February 9, 2015
Why the Speed of Your Storage Still Matters premium
With more and more software and services being offloaded to the cloud and the surge in big government data, the speed of your storage still matters – very much. Think about it, all agencies needs the ability to not only handle the input and output of data across internal and external operations; they must also […]
March 14, 2014
A Recap of the World's Largest Health IT Conference premium
Two weeks ago, I attended the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2014 Conference and Exhibition at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. DLT partners exhibiting were Oracle, Symantec, SolarWinds, Informatica, and NetApp. I visited each of them to find out what they had to say about health IT.
February 28, 2014
Technically News – 2/28 premium
This week in Technically News: DHS Offers Incentive to Adopt Framework; Red Hat Answers Governments’ Open Source Questions; NetApp in the Cloud Age: CEO Tom Georgens Q&A; Symantec's Vision of Enterprise Security Rests Upon Collaboration, Sharing Data
November 4, 2013
Technically News – 11/4 premium
In this week's Technically News: The Danger of Cybersecurity 'Ghettos'; Federal Tiger Team Crafted Mobile Security Guidelines; Mellanox Optimizes Network Gear for OpenStack; Why We Need Digital Government Strategy 2.0; Federal Agencies Advised To Brace For Big Data; DLT, NetApp Unveil Cloud Storage Suite for Govt Market.