February 28, 2019
Cybersecurity ROI: An Oxymoron? premium
Return on investment: is it worth the money? That is the central question in both government and industry when deciding on any procurement. Demonstrating ROI on cybersecurity products is notoriously difficult, and is one of the underlying reasons for the poor state of our nation’s cybersecurity posture. But here’s the rub: showing tangible ROI on […]
Chief Cyber Security Technologist
April 1, 2015
6 Technology Trends that are Driving Infrastructure Success premium
With nearly 4 million miles of roadways, over 600,000 bridges and multiple transit systems stretched across our nation, infrastructure modernization is a complicated and challenging task. It plays an important role in economic stimulation and has become one of the key areas of emphasis for many citizens and city stakeholder communities. But if you’re involved in transportation […]