Video: Modernizing Data Protection in the Public Sector premium
Expert Panel: The Challenges and Opportunities for Modernizing Data Protection As online data has become ubiquitous, managing that data has become as important an endeavor as amassing and storing it. A host of issues surround data management, not the least of which is security. But many others loom as data increases exponentially both in size […]
Video: The Pitfalls of a Non-Digital Design Workflow premium
Whether you’re a civil engineer, CAD manager, or anyone working on a digital design project, one thing is certain – you’re never the sole collaborator in the process. Contractors, AEC firms, field personnel, even facilities managers, have their hands in the mix too. And that creates a problem for version control and the potential for […]
February 2, 2012
The Importance of Open Source: Part Two premium
A couple of weeks ago we posted an interview DLT’s Chief Cloud Technologist David Blankenhorn did with fedScoop. The interview focused on open source software for government and included a question on how DLT supports it. To answer the question, David mentions our long time partnership with Red Hat.
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