We help agencies develop world class mapping solutions using the freshest, richest, most accurate digital map data and dynamic content possible. Through our partnership with TomTom, we deliver the digital maps and dynamic content that power some of the world’s most essential navigation and location-based services, bringing comprehensive Geospatial Data Systems to the public sector.


TomTom Connect supports basic mapping and routing functionality, and enables cross-border routing to link with the MultiNet and MultiNav databases. This seamless integration gives developers the means to more easily deliver mapping solutions that offer a more complete global coverage.


ConnectPlus supports basic mapping, routing, and navigation functions, and allows cross-border routing to link the TomTom ConnectPlus road network to the MultiNet database. This seamless integration gives developers an easier way of delivering navigation solutions that offer more complete global coverage. TomTom makes it easy for its agencies to compile the data into their end product formats.


MultiNet enables agencies to incorporate a full suite of capabilities into their map-based applications, in turn allowing their users to locate the people and services they need quickly; reach their destinations via safe, reliable, and customizable routes; and use the clearest, most visually compelling maps available.

City Maps

TomTom’s 2D- and 3D-enhanced City Maps deliver a more lifelike experience for end users through user-friendly and attractive displays, and improved orientation and navigation.

Dynamic Traffic Content

With TomTom Traffic, government agencies can deliver historical, real-time and predictive traffic information into vehicles, over the Web and on mobile devices, greatly enhancing navigation, mapping, logistics, transportation planning, and other location-based applications.

Geocoding Services

TomTom is the leading supplier of advanced geocoding solutions. Its innovative technology is the foundation for an entire suite of products and services that allow agencies to place points of interest on the map, and conduct location-based analyses.

Points of Interest (POIs)

TomTom Points of Interest (POIs) expand upon those delivered with the core TomTom MultiNet products, resulting in the most comprehensive collection of POIs in the industry.

Address Points

TomTom Address Points represent the industry’s most accurate method for locating addresses. Unlike traditional geocoding, address points allow an address to be positioned on the map without computational error.


TomTom Logistics is a comprehensive digital map database designed specifically for operators of government fleet vehicles and other road-restricted vehicles. This enhancement product enables drivers and dispatchers to calculate the safest and most efficient routes, while reducing unnecessary risks and costs.

Voice Maps

Clear vocal instructions play a critical role in helping to ensure accurate and safe navigation for drivers and ease of use for users of mobile devices and location-based services. TomTom’s phonemes products ensure the recognition of virtually all variants in end-user pronunciation, and deliver the clearest, most useful vocal instruction available.

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