DASCOM Solution IntraVerse Now Available Through GSA'S Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)

Monday, October 12, 1998
IntraVerse brings complete authorization for enterprise networks to the Federal community

Herndon, VA. October 12, 1998---DASCOM today announced that the General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded IntraVerse placement on the Federal Supply Schedule through Schedule holder, DLT Solutions. Federal organizations can now purchase IntraVerse, DASCOM's Flagship network security solution that provides access management and security to Corporate Web, Client/Server and CORBA applications. 

The Federal Supply Schedule includes only products, such as IntraVerse, that are in significant demand in both public and private sectors. IntraVerse enables government organizations to secure their networks with agency-wide authorization. With IntraVerse, agencies can securely share information and collaborate on projects with efficient use of network resources. IntraVerse is proven to deliver the most comprehensive approach to network security, including support for CORBA, DCE, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and other network and security standards important to government organizations where security is a top priority. IntraVerse integration of PKI provides a seamless solution to support Federal government initiatives for deploying digital certificates. 

"Government organizations including the Department of Energy, the State of California, and numerous other federal and state agencies have requested and can now procure their DASCOM products and services through DLT Solutions," said James P. Curtin, President and CEO of DASCOM. "DLT Solutions is a leading systems integrator to the Federal Government and a premier GSA Schedule Reseller, which makes them an ideal source for IntraVerse network security products."  

"Many government IT managers agree that after Y2K issues, network security is their most pressing issue," said Ned Miller, vice president of GSA Sales at DLT Solutions. "We are extremely pleased to gain an exceptional opportunity to serve the government marketplace as the exclusive GSA Schedule holder for IntraVerse, DASCOM's well-respected network security management products."  

About IntraVerse 

IntraVerse is the complete authorization solution for corporate Web, client/server, and legacy applications. IntraVerse authorization gives an organization the ability to provide users the information they require. 

When IntraVerse is used to secure and manage the corporate Web, a unified Web space of all of an organization's Web servers is created. This allows and organization to centrally manage and secure a Corporate Web as a single logical Web space. This concept frees users from understanding the actual topology of an Intranet. Instead, servers can be moved without requiring users to re-learn addresses for the servers they need. IntraVerse manages all resources through a central graphics-based management console, not at each Web server.  

IntraVerse also provides intelligent load balancing over replicated servers, which lets your organization scale its deployment of servers without increasing management overhead. It also provides for a fail-over capability to provide uninterrupted service to IntraVerse secured servers. Through centralized management of Web resources and applications, IntraVerse provides single sign-on and sign-off capabilities for the corporate Web.  

IntraVerse is also the only enterprise solution to provide complete security to CORBA applications. IntraVerse provides CORBA Level 1 and Level 2 security. IntraVerse is capable of using either public key authentication such as SSL or symmetric key authentication. IntraVerse can provide secure tunneling between a legacy application and the client machine.  

Other products in the IntraVerse suite include the IntraVerse AuthAPI which allows users to build IntraVerse-grade authorization directly into their applications.  


DASCOM is a leading provider of scalable Intranet security solutions that secure and manage the enterprise network. DASCOM pioneered the term Network Security Management as an essential market/architectural space for the Fortune 1000. 

DASCOM created IntraVerse, its flagship product, because of its belief that the evolution of Intranets and extranets into business critical systems has the potential to revolutionize enterprise efficiency and productivity. However, to fully implement a business critical network, an organization must be able to effectively manage access to all resources maintained on the network. DASCOM products allow organizations the ability to realize the gains in productivity that a secure, available network provides. 

The company is based in Santa Cruz, California, with international offices in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and the UK. 

IntraVerse, WebSEAL, NetSEAL, NetSEAT and DCE Cell Manager are trademarks of DASCOM, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are acknowledged. 

About DLT Solutions

Founded in 1991, DLT Solutions delivers best of class technology solutions to federal, state and municipal governments and businesses from its headquarters in Herndon, VA. To achieve that mission, DLT has tightly integrated itself with some of the most prominent IT Software and hardware manufacturers in the world, including Autodesk,GoogleNetAppOracleQuest SoftwareRed HatSolarWinds and Symantec, among others. With its product portfolio, multiple procurement vehicles and award-winning track record, DLT confidently supports public sector clients in the technology implementation required to achieve their agency missions. DLT was recently honored as number one in the Term Software License category in the GSA IT Catalog of Top IT Contractors on GSA Schedule 70. For more information or to place an order, contact DLT Solutions at 888-358-4472; email sales@dlt.com or visit www.dlt.com.