DLT Solutions Partners with IronKey to Deliver Secure USB Flash Drive for Government Use

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Herndon, Va. — (October 09, 2007) — DLT Solutions, a value-added reseller of industry-leading IT products and services, today announced it will offer the IronKey product line to state, local and federal government agencies through a variety of procurement vehicles held by DLT, including the GSA Schedule (#GS-35F-4543G), SEWP IV, and DLT state contracts, as applicable. IronKey products and services bring the power of authentication, encryption, identity management and privacy to consumers and businesses around the world.

"The small size and ease of use of flash drives make them commonplace in most organizations, but those qualities also allow for confidential data to get easily extracted," said Rick Marcotte, president & CEO of DLT Solutions. "With the addition of IronKey hardware to our portfolio, we can offer agencies of all sizes the most secure encrypted USB flash drive on the market, adding a deeper level of portable data security than exists in those agencies today."

The IronKey Secure Flash Drive is designed to be the industry's most secure hardware encrypted USB drive. In addition to its strong data encryption capabilities, the IronKey includes identity protection software (IronKey Password Manager), as well as Internet privacy services for safe and private Web browsing. Waterproof to military specifications, the encryption keys used to protect data are generated in hardware on the IronKey Cryptochip. Passwords are also verified in hardware, and repeated attempts to unlock the device with incorrect passwords initiates a hardware self-destruct mechanism, making it the most secure USB flash drive for enterprise, government and personal use.

IronKey's flash drives can easily satisfy most organizations' network management policies and work seamlessly with enterprise-level USB security management products to give IT administrators centralized management functionality of the devices. Featuring security technology that surpasses most laptops, and hardware encryption more effective than most software encryption solutions, the IronKey drive is a fast, reliable and easy-to-use device for anyone needing to carry confidential data on a USB device.

"A major government reseller like DLT does not take on a new product unless there is strong demand within government agencies," said Steve Ryan, Senior Vice President of Business Development at IronKey. "Having DLT as our distributor to federal and state governments proves once again that IronKey is quickly becoming the Gold standard in secure USB flash drives for enterprises and government agencies of all kinds."

IronKey products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

About IronKey

IronKey products and services bring the power of authentication, encryption, identity management, and privacy to businesses, government and military organizations and consumers around the world. We blend world-class security expertise with product design that emphasizes usability, simplicity, and accessibility. The IronKey Team consists of experts in consumer devices, information security, privacy and banking technologies. Founded in 2005, IronKey is based in Los Altos, CA. For more information, visit: www.ironkey.com.

About DLT Solutions

Founded in 1991, DLT Solutions delivers best of class technology solutions to federal, state and municipal governments and businesses from its headquarters in Herndon, VA. To achieve that mission, DLT has tightly integrated itself with some of the most prominent IT Software and hardware manufacturers in the world, including Autodesk,GoogleNetAppOracleQuest SoftwareRed HatSolarWinds and Symantec, among others. With its product portfolio, multiple procurement vehicles and award-winning track record, DLT confidently supports public sector clients in the technology implementation required to achieve their agency missions. DLT was recently honored as number one in the Term Software License category in the GSA IT Catalog of Top IT Contractors on GSA Schedule 70. For more information or to place an order, contact DLT Solutions at 888-358-4472; email sales@dlt.com or visit www.dlt.com.