DLT Solutions Provides GSA Leasing Services to Federal Government Agencies

Friday, April 3, 1998
DLT able to structure leasing terms that best fit a customer's needs, budgets and technology requirements.

Herndon, April 3, 1998---DLT Solutions of Herndon Va., announces the availability of leasing services to the Federal government on its GSA Schedule.  

"By offering leasing programs on GSA Schedule, we are able to better respond to the needs of our government customers," said Ned Miller, Vice President of DLT Solutions. "In addition to the variety of contracts vehicles we have available, leasing gives our customers one more option to deploy the latest technology." DLT's leasing solution combines competitive rates, flexible programs and procurement assistance. For more information, contact Ned Miller at 1-800-262-4358.

DLT structures its leasing plans around four primary lease types: a straight lease, a lease-to-own plan, a lease with an option to purchase, and an installment lease. Depending on procurement requirements and technology considerations, DLT will work with government procurement to determine the most appropriate plan.  

The leasing program allows the use of operational and maintenance funds to be used to acquire technology products. For government customers that have limited dollars available for capital purchases, leasing will distribute payments for the latest technology over multiple years. DLT customized leasing plans can include automatic technology refreshment to keep government customers current with swiftly-changing technology. As leasing is a procurement vehicle more commonly evaluated within the Federal government, DLT is committed to keeping the process simple and easy.

About DLT Solutions
Founded in 1991, DLT Solutions delivers best of class technology solutions to federal, state and municipal governments and businesses from its headquarters in Herndon, VA. To achieve that mission, DLT has tightly integrated itself with some of the most prominent IT Software and hardware manufacturers in the world, including Autodesk,GoogleNetAppOracleQuest SoftwareRed HatSolarWinds and Symantec, among others. With its product portfolio, multiple procurement vehicles and award-winning track record, DLT confidently supports public sector clients in the technology implementation required to achieve their agency missions. DLT was recently honored as number one in the Term Software License category in the GSA IT Catalog of Top IT Contractors on GSA Schedule 70. For more information or to place an order, contact DLT Solutions at 888-358-4472; email sales@dlt.com or visit www.dlt.com.