Quantum Delivers First Mid-Range Tape Automation Systems With Worm Capability To Help Cost Effectively Address Compliance Requirements

Monday, October 11, 2004
Organizations Using WORM Tape can Save More Than 150 Times the Cost of Using Proprietary Disk-based Content Systems

SAN JOSE, CA. - (October 11, 2004) - Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), a global leader in storage, today announced it is delivering a cost-effective Write Once Read Many (WORM) capability for its tape automation systems. Quantum's tape libraries and autoloaders with WORM capability enable companies to meet regulatory requirements for secure, unalterable data, using open systems tape drives and media, rather than paying for additional and more costly technology, such as proprietary content systems. Quantum's tape automation systems are currently shipping with DLTIce(tm), the company's DLT-S(tm) WORM technology, and will ship with LTO-3 WORM when it becomes available. This is further evidence of Quantum's approach with customers that regulatory compliance can be addressed by building on the best practices and infrastructure already in place for backup, recovery and archive.

For example, an IT manager wants to address retention and archive requirements for 5TB of data which needs to be retained and secured, in order to comply with certain government regulations. If they utilize WORM tape, it would cost only $1,500 for the price of media because they would be using their existing backup, recovery and archive infrastructure to move data to a compliant media. In contrast, if they were to implement a proprietary disk-based content system, they would likely spend upwards of $200,000 without even accounting for the cost of floor space, power and cooling. In short, implementing a WORM tape solution to an existing infrastructure enables the organization to achieve compliance and, at the same time, save thousands of dollars.

"When it comes to meeting regulatory requirements, IT managers have enough to worry about without being sold additional products they do not need, that aren't cost-effective or get them locked-in to a vendor's proprietary technology," said Shane Jackson, director of strategic alliances for Quantum. "Other than meeting regulations that mandate companies use an unalterable, secure media, such as the SEC 17a-4 requirement, best practices for regulatory compliance are very much like best practices for backup, recovery and archive of any organizations' business-critical applications. Quantum has been helping customers achieve this with our reliable, best-in-class disk and tape automation products."

Utilizing the DLT-S platform, DLTIce provides customers with high levels of security and data authentication by placing WORM archival functionality at the command of the data management software. Additionally, DLTIce allows standard tape media to be configured for use as WORM media by the backup software. In a mixed-use tape library system, this removes the need to determine, in advance, what supply of standard or WORM media is required - which, in turn, reduces media costs and inventory management.

Quantum's approach to best practices in backup, recovery and archive offers IT managers the best of both worlds: investment protection on the most cost-effective storage medium - streaming linear tape - and secure data archiving to meet regulatory requirements. The ability to enable WORM functionality without special-purpose devices or media also allows customers to implement it quickly into existing environments.

As organizations begin taking steps to ensure regulatory compliance, Quantum's channel partners and system integrators are armed with the appropriate tools, technology and support provided through Quantum Alliance(tm) to help with these efforts. Prominent channel partners include: Axidata, DLT Solutions, H.A. Storage, NEXL Network Systems, Solarcom and Technology Exchange, Inc.

"Compliance readiness and security are top-of-mind issues for our government and commercial IT customers," said Rick Marcotte, president and CEO of DLT Solutions, one of Quantum's largest resellers. "With Quantum's addition of WORM capability, we are now able to offer our customers the best practices in backup, recovery and archive, as well as help them address increasingly stringent regulatory requirements."

Quantum's family of tape automation products (PX720, P7000, P4000, M2500, M1800, M1500 and SuperLoader(tm)) is now available with DLTIce WORM capability and offered through its channel network of value-added resellers (VARs).

About Quantum
Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), founded in 1980, is a global leader in storage, delivering highly reliable backup, recovery and archive solutions that meet demanding requirements for data integrity and availability with superior price/performance and comprehensive service and support. Quantum is the world's largest supplier of half-inch cartridge tape drives, and its DLTtape? technology is the standard for tape backup, recovery and archive of business-critical data for the mid-range enterprise. Quantum offers the broadest portfolio of tape autoloaders and libraries and is one of the pioneers in the disk-based backup market, providing solutions that emulate a tape library but are optimized for backup and recovery. Quantum sales for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004, were approximately $808 million. Quantum Corp., 1650 Technology Drive, Suite 800, San Jose, CA 95110, (408) 944-4000, www.quantum.com.

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