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CounterACT® discovers and classifies devices without requiring agents. Based on its classification, CounterACT then assesses the device’s security posture and applies policies that enforce the specific behavior the device is allowed to have while connected to a network. Learn more


CounterACT Enterprise Manager provides centralized management and control of distributed virtual and physical CounterACT appliances. Enterprise Manager serves as a single pane of glass for every device connected to the network that is managed by a CounterACT appliance at any given time. It is also used to define and manage the device policies. Enterprise Manager scales to support CounterACT deployments in networks exceeding one million devices.


ForeScout orchestrates system-wide security management to make formerly disjointed security products work as one. This unique set of network, security and management interoperability technologies extends the power of ForeScout CounterACT® to more than 70 third-party solutions (as of September 30, 2016), allowing the combined system to accelerate response, achieve major operational efficiencies and provide superior security.


The ControlFabric® Architecture is a set of open integration technologies that enables ForeScout CounterACT® and other IT solutions to exchange information and more efficiently mitigate a wide variety of network, security and operational issues. As a result, customers can achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities that better leverage their infrastructure investments and optimize IT resources. Learn more