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Manage virtually all network-connected devices, including Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and UNIX® machines, Chromebooks, and network-connected non-computing devices.

  • Keeping endpoint systems up to date and properly configured is essential to enterprise security with Quest Endpoint Security.
  • Know exactly what hardware and software assets are on your network, and easily ensure license compliance without overpaying with Quest IT Asset Management.
  • Automate system imaging, OS deployment and driver management to easily keep systems up to date and secure, to have time for more strategic IT projects with Quest Operating Systems Imaging and Deployments.

Precious IT resources and budget shouldn't be held hostage to manual software management tasks, multiple point solutions that leave critical gaps, or overly complex and expensive software suites. With these easy-to-use, fast-to-implement appliances provide comprehensive endpoint systems management.


With ZeroIMPACT recovery, you can restore anything to anywhere and do it in approximately 15 minutes. Plus: Provide users with the data they request instantly, during restores, as if the outage never happened with Rapid Recovery.

  • Safeguard and quickly recover your data and applications from unexpected failures with this affordable appliance-based solution. With the Rapid Recovery appliance, deploy a full backup and recovery solution in about 20 minutes with turnkey, wizard–driven configuration. Get data back up in approximately 15 minutes after an event for near-zero downtime.
  • Shrink data storage by a 15:1 ratio and accelerate existing backup software — all for as little as $0.16/GB. The DR Series Disk Backup and Deduplication Appliances offer more speed, flexibility and reliability than comparable solutions, but with longer warranties (3 years vs. a 1-year standard) and 33% lower costs (no charges for protocol accelerators, replication, encryption or VTL support).


As the golden alternative for database replication, SharePlex includes all the functionality you need to maintain uptime of your critical databases – at half the cost of Oracle® GoldenGate®. You can easily ensure high availability, migrate data with zero organizational risk and integrate data in near real-time for reporting and insights. As the largest independent database replication solution on the market, SharePlex delivers industrial strength replication you can count on, backed by unrivaled, award-winning support.  


Take a proactive approach to data management. Re-focus your teams on more strategic initiatives, and move your business forward in today’s data-driven economy.

  • Toad solutions enable you to maximize your investment in data technology by empowering data professionals to automate processes, minimize risks and cut project delivery timelines by nearly half.
  • Lower the total cost of ownership for new applications by reducing the impact of inefficient code on productivity, future development cycles, performance and availability.

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