Backup Exec

Backup and Recovery, an essential component of any data protection strategy, protects your organization's data and systems against data loss and disasters. Backing up your organization's infrastructure ensures that your business is always up and running, no matter what.

Solve your backup challenges with Backup Exec 15.  Backup Exec™ 15 delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery designed for your entire infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud. Featuring superior VMware support, enhanced scalability and performance, easy upgrades, cloud storage support, and support for the latest operating systems and applications* Backup Exec 15 is the faster, stronger backup solution.


Veritas NetBackup (NBU) 7.7 reduces the overwhelming complexity of enterprise data protection, outpaces the relentless growth of the data center, and increases the agility IT needs to transform from traditional cost center to service-oriented business enabler. Reduce or even eliminate point products with a single, fully integrated solution that supports vSphere 6, Virtual Volumes, expanded snapshot technology, and even more cloud providers.

  • Improve productivity with efficient, centralized administration and policy-based automation including intelligent policies for Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL servers.
  • Outperforms relentless data center growth with innovative performance technologies, efficient storage techniques, and fast, easy data recovery.
  • Transforms IT to business enabler

Enterprise Vault Archiving

Enterprise Vault, the industry leader in archiving, enables organizations to efficiently store, effectively manage, and easily discover and retrieve unstructured information as needed for agencies. As the industry’s most widely-deployed on-premise enterprise archiving solution, Enterprise Vault helps customers deduplicate information at the source to reduce operational costs, manage organization-wide retention and information governance policies, and control the costs of compliance and litigation support.

Storage Foundation

Veritas Storage Foundation delivers storage Quality of Service (QoS) at the application level and maximizes your storage efficiency, availability and performance across operating systems, virtualization technologies, and storage hardware. Storage Foundation enables a flexible and agile infrastructure with features such as SmartIO and Flexible Storage Sharing while reducing storage costs with features such as deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, and storage tiering. Storage Foundation also provides a standard set of integrated tools from Veritas Operations Manager, a comprehensive management platform. With Storage Foundation, you can adopt Solid State Drive (SSD) technology and implement any changes to your storage infrastructure, including operating system or array migrations, without impacting application availability. Veritas Storage Foundation offers the following key features:

  • Granular and online application level caching
  • Combine shared and direct-attached storage (DAS)
  • Increased storage utilization across heterogeneous environments
  • Deduplication and compression
  • I/O path availability and performance
  • Automated storage tiering
  • Centralized storage management
  • Easy OS and Storage Migration with minimum downtime

Archiving & eDiscovery

The combination of Veritas and Clearwell brings together the industry’s leading archiving, backup and eDiscovery, offerings to provide customers one of the most comprehensive information management solutions available. The Clearwell eDiscovery solution complements and enhances the eDiscovery capabilities for a more comprehensive eDiscovery solution.

  • Reduce costs across all phases represented in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, from information management through review and production
  • Reduce risk by improving the defensibility and repeatability of their archiving and eDiscovery process
  • Streamline the end-to-end archiving and eDiscovery lifecycle to meet legal and regulatory deadlines
  • Start managing information and conducting eDiscovery in as little as one day; whether on-premise, as a hosted solution or in the cloud 
  • Meet their enterprise-wide archiving and eDiscovery needs, whether they have less than 25 to more than one million users


Veritas InfoScale addresses enterprise storage management and IT service continuity needs. It draws on Veritas’ long heritage of world-class storage management and availability solutions to help IT teams realize reliable, predictable and high performing operations across their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. It incorporates the technologies underlying the Storage Foundation High Availability family and provides software-defined storage and resiliency for critical services across the data center infrastructure. Realize better ROI and unlock high performance by integrating next-generation storage technologies. The solution provides high availability and disaster recovery for complex multi-tiered applications across any distance. Infoscale offers the following within the suite:

  • Storage
  • Availability
  • Enterprise
  • Foundation
  • Operations Manager

Resiliency Platform

Veritas Resiliency Platform makes it simple for organizations to innovate without compromising on critical business SLAs. Organizations can confidently adopt hybrid cloud architectures and predictably meet critical SLAs in spite of growing IT complexity. With a unified approach to IT Service Continuity, Resiliency Platform enables IT operations to deliver predictable service levels to the business while ensuring location independence, platform choice, and operational simplicity. Resiliency Platform delivers real-time visibility into the health of all IT services across globally dispersed environments, keeping applications and data in focus. Organizations can now keep an eye on how well their applications are tracking to defined availability SLAs, with insight into Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).  The Resiliency Platform features:

  • Single dashboard for management of multisite business services
  • Summary view of resiliency risks and real-time health across all data centers
  • End-to-end visibility for status of applications, virtual machines, multitier business services, and data movers

Risk Advisor

Veritas Risk Advisor scans and analyzes an enterprise’s IT infrastructure for availability and data loss risks and system optimization opportunities, as well as provides prioritized remediation guidance. It allows you to find risks and address them before they manifest in extended downtimes, data loss, or poor performance. IT leaders responsible for the infrastructure are focused on delivering high IT service continuity, data protection, and optimized operations to meet the needs of their internal and external customers, as well as of regulators. Failure to adequately meet these requirements can result not only in adverse customer service impacts and delays in market presence that can lead to reputational impacts and financial losses but may also have serious legal implications.


To achieve their IT service continuity objectives, IT leaders invest significant resources (both human and financial) on high availability (HA) technologies and disaster recovery (DR) planning. Key benefits of this platform include:

  • Improved availability—Through effective recovery in case of disaster
  • Better data protection—Through helping ensure policy adherence
  • Optimized system performance—Through improved application of best practices and vendor recommendations

Information Map

Veritas Information Map renders unstructured data in visual context and guides users towards unbiased, information-governance decision-making. Using the dynamic navigation in Information Map, customers can identify areas of risk, areas of value, and areas of waste across their environment and make decisions which reduce information risk and optimize information storage. The Information Map is hosted in the Veritas cloud data center offering a high level of security, availability, and the big data capabilities of its underlying Information Fabric Technology. The Information Fabric Technology Platform aggregates and stores the metadata characteristics of an organization’s global unstructured information environment. The insights represented in the Information Map are rendered from the data aggregated by the information fabric technology.


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