Breaking Through the Virtualization Stall Barrier

Lack of adequate human and technical resources has agencies and organizations facing ‘virtualization stall’, which limits the utilization of virtualization to approximately 30% of servers. Break through virtualization stall and reap benefits a full-scale virtualization environment has to offer.

Organizations looking to break through the virtualization stall barrier need to address three primary issues preventing wider scale virtualization:

  • Risk aversion – Companies need increased visibility into their virtualized applications and hardware to identify and respond to any problems before they occur and minimize risk
  • Efficient management tooling – Point tools are simply not sufficient when managing virtualized mission-critical applications
  • Skilled virtualization resources – Companies should leverage services that increase virtualization expertise for their staff.

In this white paper, you will understand the technical and management challenges that have created VM stall, and how combining the right human and technical resources can help businesses accelerate the value and penetration of virtualized IT.