On-Demand Webcast: Empowering Today’s Warfighter

Accurate and timely information is the key to mission success. With the Google Search Appliance, agencies can quickly and effectively harness the value of their knowledge – no matter where it is stored or when it was placed there.

This on-demand webcast explores how, from a single searchbox, your mission teams can rapidly search all enterprise content available to their security classification, regardless of database location.

Register below to see how your agency can benefit from:

  • Trusted, fast results based on familiar, easy-to-use search technology
  • Personalized searches that leverage the power of dynamic navigation and filtering
  • Robust mirroring capability, with support of the same index across multiple time zones
  • On-premise search technology that provides unified search results across disparate systems and file types

Exactly what you need to know, at the moment you need to know it – with the speed and accuracy that only Google can deliver.