IDC has observed that in just a few short decades, information technology (IT) has moved from the back office, what IDC calls the 1st Platform of mainframe computers, to the front office, the 2nd Platform of ubiquitous PCs driven by business uses and apps, and now, finally, IT has embedded itself into nearly every aspect of people's personal lives and interaction with government and business — this is enabled by what IDC describes as 3rd Platform technologies and includes mobile, social business, cloud, and big data and analytics. This IDC white paper examines the impact of the 3rd Platform and digital transformation (DX) on IT priorities for enterprise network management and focuses on a shift toward pervasive instrumentation as an enabler of better network visibility, application assurance, and security assurance. The adoption of 3rd Platform solutions will continue to drive a need for capacity, bandwidth, performance, and availability. Cloud is fundamentally changing the characteristics of resource consumption and traffic generation within network operations.