ICIT - Dispelling the Fear of IT Modernization

IT modernization is confounded by shoestring budgets, system incompatibilities, and the inability to take critical systems offline for long enough to transition to more modern and secure technology. Despite all appearances, however, modernization is not actually governed by dollars and hardware. Cybersecurity modernization is a state of mind. It is a battle that CIOs and CISOs must wage against the ignorance and disinterest of key decision-makers. It is about training personnel, improving cyber hygiene, and drafting comprehensive governance policies as much as it is about phasing out legacy architecture. Cybersecurity can no longer be a last-minute budget decision based on minimal security requirements and the last dregs of the budget. Nor can information security culture continue to focus on patchwork temporary solutions and shifting risk and impacts onto the unsuspecting public. Modernization is about realistically assessing the threat landscape and implementing meaningful solutions that anticipate future evolving threats. If modernization solutions can demonstrate ROI and the CIO or CISO can express the absolute necessity of cybersecurity prioritization, then management will find the funds to invest in sophisticated and cost-effective solutions from reliable vendors. Modernization is more about changing the perception of the importance of information security than it is about pinching pennies.