JT3 Reduces Mean-To-Time Resolution from Hours to Minutes

J-Tech, a collaboration of four of America’s most prominent test and training ranges, was created to develop new defense equipment for our nation’s military. Combining four separate entities was a challenge in trying to get everyone on the same page and any discrepancies in network or application performance could be detrimental in solving the task at hand.

JT3 LLC is the private contractor that was chosen to provide engineering and technical support for J-Tech and its partners.

“Any slowdown in performance or an outage for our applications could significantly impact our objectives”
-Lisa Gray, CIO at JT3

To solve this issue, JT3 chose Quest’s Foglight; an application management solution that provides proactive monitoring and real-time diagnostics from end user to database. Ultimately solving the problem of application performance and helping reduce the mean-to-time-resolution Quest Software has enabledJT3 to continue assisting the DoD with testing and perfecting our Military’s defense equipment.

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