Power Analytics - Minimizing Energy-Related Costs in Data Centers

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Minimizing energy-related costs in the data center and network operations centers is a hot subject in the IT world today, and for a number of good reasons, not the least of which are that energy is an increasingly costly resource, and idle computing equipment adds to those costs dearly.

The challenge to computing facilities managers and owners is to reduce operating costs, by minimizing energy consumption and costly downtime, while maximizing power reliability and IT application performance and availability.

At the core of all actions to improve energy efficiency, reliability, and availability is the question of cause and effect. Any change to the operation of a data center will have an effect on the amount of power the IT equipment uses, the quality and stability of the power distribution system, and the health of the computing facilities output.

The Paladin® Live software platform from Power Analytics is the only software capable of producing the focused information to guide a site-specific energy management program – energy management by design.