Web Content Management Build vs. Buy Considerations

Web success requires many pieces each having both technical and business dimensions. For each component, organizations face what seems initially to be a decision purely on cost – what to build vs. what to buy. So the big question is whether to focus and develop in-house capabilities or to leverage outside expertise or products.

This question can provoke a delicate stand-off between the website business owners (usually marketing), the development team (usually IT) and the Finance office, because each has their own perspectives and opinions. Discussions must then take place both internally and with the vendors as the best way forward is considered. Done well, this decision will give your company the control and flexibility to be successful online, regardless of what comes next.

In the end, deciding on the right approach for your business requires that you consider all of the options and perspectives, and the context of your own business. This whitepaper is designed to help all those involved –from marketing to IT to Finance –define the elements and provide a framework for decision making.

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