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Public Works and Utilities face efficiency, accountability and sustainability requirements like never before. As a result, public works and utilities professionals are required to work more efficiently, be accountable across job functions and provide sustainable solutions all while “doing more with less.” All publicly-owned utility organizations depend on sophisticated water distribution and wastewater collection networks. Often times, network GIS data is in different file formats or different locations which presents challenges for planning and mapping professionals to integrate maps in a CAD environment. In the electric utilities space, the world’s most powerful aircraft carriers, safest coast-to-coast air traffic control system, or largest data centers – can be compromised by electrical system faults. DLT can help agencies streamline the entire lifecycle of any public works project from the design, build, operate, and maintain stages, into a single workflow. DLT provides these technology solutions through four key factors:


Infrastructure modeling helps utilities ease data sharing, improve accuracy, and reduce the errors and omissions. DLT can provide a custom solution for each agency’s needs that will dramatically impact project completion.


Model-based design technology helps water utility professionals analyze and optimize designs in order to make sustainable decisions regarding water use, raw materials, and natural resources. With DLT’s technology solutions, operations and maintenance can use the same data to repair network issues quickly, optimize distribution, and conserve resources responsibly.


Highly coordinated, consistent information helps utility professionals to provide stakeholders with full visibility. DLT works with agencies to provide more effective network management and meet quality-of-service and regulatory reporting requirements.

Utility Partners

DLT Solutions partners with premiere utility solutions vendors such as Google, Autodesk, Oracle, and AWS to provide government utilities with the most advanced and state-of-the-art options available.

The DLT Advantage:

  • Procure multiple vendor products in one transaction.
  • Streamline the buying process with your choice of easy-to-use contract vehicles to get the most out of your available budget.
  • Make the best possible IT choices for your agency by consulting our technical experts.
  • Receive superior customer service from a U.S.-citizen, U.S.-soil based certified technical support engineer who will answer your call live and within ten seconds.

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