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Doing business with the public sector shouldn’t be a mystery. DLT’s Market Intelligence portal takes the mystery out of doing business with the public sector with actionable market intelligence assets that will help you uncover and better understand opportunities that will grow your public sector revenue.

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How much more effective could your sales and marketing be if you had custom, curated and timely public sector market intelligence assets readily available anytime you needed?

When you have actionable intelligence at your disposal, you can build a better sales and marketing engine to grow your public sector business. Our Market Intelligence Library includes:

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Market Intelligence Resources

Recent Public Sector Blueprints

Text reads: Text reads: A Deep Dive Into North Carolina State Priorities, Challenges, and Pain Points
Take a Deep Dive Into the State of North Carolina's Priorities, Pain Points, and Challenges — This Blueprint is designed to provide a deep dive into the State of North Carolina's IT trends and tech domain specific drivers aimed at helping you win business.

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Text reads: A Deep Dive Into GA State Priorities, Challenges, and Pain Points
Take a Deep Dive Into the State of Georgia's Priorities, Pain Points, and Challenges — This Blueprint is designed to provide a deep dive into the State of Georgia's IT trends and tech domain specific drivers aimed at helping you win business.

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Text reads: A Deep Dive Into Colorado State Priorities, Challenges, and Pain Points
Take a Deep Dive Into the State of Colorado's Priorities, Pain Points, and Challenges — This Blueprint is designed to provide a deep dive into the State of Colorado’s IT trends and tech domain-specific drivers aimed at helping you win business.

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Recent Sales Intelligence Briefings

Text reads: Public Administration Deep Dive Sales Intelligence Briefing. CTA: Get asset
Sales Intelligence Briefing: Public Administration Deep Dive — In this SLED-focused sales intelligence briefing, we’ll dive into the Public Administration vertical covering top IT drivers, domain trends, funding, and legislation.

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Thumbnail for Sales Intelligence Briefing: TechNet Indo-Pacific 2022 Briefing Pt. 2
Sales Intelligence Briefings: TechNet Indo-Pacific 2022 Briefing Pt. 2 — In this part two deep-dive, we explore the intersection of information technology and the military priorities coming out of this region.

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Text reads: Data Innovation Primer CTA says Get Asset
Sales Intelligence Briefing: Data Innovation Primer — In this federally focused primer, we’ll dive into TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s data framework, as well as a landscape review of the latest legislation surrounding big data guidance and regulation requirements for civilian and defense agencies.

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Recent Fundamental Trainings

Text reads: SLED Budget 201
DLT Market Intelligence Fundamental Training: SLED Budget 201 — This training is part two of a series of Fundamental Trainings covering the SLED budget process designed to give you deeper insight into the SLED Budget Process, buying timeline, and how to approach SLED customers with an effective market strategy.

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Text reads: DOD Budget Cycle 101
Fundamental Training: DOD Budget Cycle 101 — An overview of the DOD budget process and insights into important challenges in the DOD’s planning and procurements of technology and what is being done to address these challenges.

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Thumbnail for Fundamental Training: Shared Services 101
DLT Market Intelligence Fundamental Trainings: Shared Services 101 — This Fundamental Training is designed to introduce you to the concept of Shared Services, their history, QSMOs, and the acquisition process, as well as the benefits and barriers within this model.

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Market Intelligence Blogs

Data and Analytics, Federal Government, Market Intelligence, Technology December 16, 2022
The Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) conference took place in San Antonio, Texas from December 12-15. Its annual gathering of industry and government personnel invites networking, exhibitors and speakers to take on the top IT challenges currently facing the Department of Defense (DOD). Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Dr. Stacy Dixon, spoke to the audience at large regarding data, its challenges, and opportunities within the intelligence community (IC).
Market Intelligence, State & Local Government November 28, 2022
2022 is ending, and it is time for U.S. public sector leaders to reflect on lessons learned while planning for the upcoming state and local government fiscal year-end. This year’s NASCIO Annual Conference highlighted the post-pandemic technology trends and challenges that are defining 2023 policy agendas and the future of technology acquisitions. The conference referenced the State Chief Information Officer Survey which assessed state CIOs’ thoughts on a wide array of topics that affect their roles as public sector technology and business leaders in today’s modern world.
Cybersecurity, Market Intelligence, Technology November 22, 2022
“We must find fresh ways to connect forces, allies, and partners that provide an effective response to the challenge of a highly contested environment not seen in the last 20 years. Given the challenges we face today and in the future, we simply have no choice but to become more interoperable,” said General CQ Brown JR., U.S. Air Force Chief.

About the DLT Market Insights Organization

What We Do

DLT's Market Insights organization analyzes funded programs and opportunities in the public sector information technology (IT) market and then leverages that intelligence to make sales, business development, marketing and capture teams and activities more effective.

Our team of seasoned analysts specialize in uncovering the nexus between funding and requirements. We help DLT’s channel partners and technology vendors find the right opportunities at the right time and arm them with actionable intelligence on the appropriate messaging, decision makers and contracts needed to be successful in the public sector.

We apply our knowledge of government requirements and budgets to grow pipeline; using insights and intelligence that are actionable, relevant and timely. Our Market Insights team provides training and key information on:

  • Key programs and initiatives across federal and state, local and education (SLED)
  • Contracts and contract vehicles
  • Funded programs and program offices
  • Relevant executive orders and laws effecting IT acquisition
  • Contractors and systems integrators
  • Budget process
  • Request for information (RFI) and Other Transaction Authority (OTA)
  • Funding trends
  • Key decision makers

How We Do It

DLT’s Market Insights team utilizes primary and secondary research to provide world class market intelligence on public sector trends and drivers. Our secret sauce is how we fuse a vast array of qualitative and quantitative data sources into sales-focused deliverables that are part of DLT’s value add as the leading public sector aggregator. These include:

  • Agency and state deep dives
  • Briefings on budgets, executive orders, and major initiatives
  • 101 trainings on a wide variety of public sector sales and business development related topics
  • Articles and blogs covering recent developments in public sector IT
  • Opportunity identification
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Custom whitespace analysis