During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (i.e., October), DLT supports organizations with educational initiatives to protect their part of cyberspace. DLT supports Cybersecurity Awareness Month by opening the conversation for stronger security practices, raising community awareness and educating vulnerable audiences.

Explore common Cybersecurity threats and challenges we face today and how to mitigate them. For more advanced Cybersecurity related topics, scroll down to learn about hot topics like Zero Trust, CMMC, and more.


Cybersecurity Awareness Initiatives

DLT is a Champion of Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As a Champion, DLT Solutions represents and supports the StaySafeOnline initiative. It is a national public awareness effort that increases the understanding of cyber threats and empowers the American public to be safer and more secure online. It encourages Americans to view Internet safety as a shared responsibility–at home, in the workplace, and in our communities. Visit StaySafeOnline to learn more!


GovCybersecurityHub highlights new cybersecurity trends, technologies and approached that are helping to make networks, devices and applications more secure. Visit GovCybersecurityHub to learn more!


GovDevSecOpsHub focuses on the next evolution of application development, DevSecOps, which brings cybersecurity teams and tools into the development process sooner so that applications are more secure and safeguarded against cyber threats. Visit GovDevSecOpsHub to learn more!

DLT Cybersecurity Portfolio

DLT brings you a portfolio of security offerings to strengthen your current security posture and look ahead to new solutions that make adversaries scramble to keep pace. Explore our expanding portfolio.

TechNet Cyber 2021

DLT is exhibiting at booth #2315 at this year’s AFCEA TechNet Cyber conference, a forum for military, industry and academia to discuss and plan how to achieve persistent engagement, presence and innovation. Register and stop by DLT's booth #2315 to learn more about Galvanize, Kemp, TYCHON, and other technologies.

Zero Trust: Architecture to Accelerate Public Sector Enterprise Security

The cybersecurity industry is abuzz with the term "Zero Trust.” The concept, however, is amorphous, and can become an empty buzzword instead of a reference to a substantive approach to security. Explore the fundamentals of Zero Trust using the content below:

Thumbnail for Zero Trust Framework
Zero Trust Frameworks: The Major Approaches — There are many frameworks out there, but which ones should you look at? Don Maclean goes over 3 great examples, the problems they solve, and how to help you get started in adopting or adapting your own.

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Zero Trust Infographic: Seven Pillars
Seven Pillars to Boost Your Agency Security With Zero Trust in 2021 — To guide public sector organizations through Zero Trust implementation, DLT has produced an infographic addressing seven aspects to achieve Zero Trust architecture.

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What is Zero Trust Article
What is Zero Trust — Years ago, John Kindervag coined the term “Zero Trust” during his tenure at Gartner, in response the ever-disintegrating network perimeter, and attendant failure of traditional network defenses – firewalls, IPS/IDS, proxies, and similar systems. The question then arises: what IS Zero Trust anyway?

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Rebuilding America's Cybersecurity Workforce
Rebuilding America's Cybersecurity Workforce — Don Maclean discusses the Biden Administration's proposed addition of $9B to the Technology Modernization Fund.

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NIST, NSA, DoD, or HHS? Which ZT recommendation?
NIST, NSA, DoD, or HHS – which zero trust recommendation makes the most sense? — Don Maclean discusses what separates these disparate documents, and which one should government agencies follow as they implement a zero trust architecture within their IT organization?

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Modernization requires leadership: Leading the way to Zero trust
Modernization Requires Leadership: Leading the Way to Zero Trust — Know what tools to use to deter adversaries in cyberspace. Watch our panel with cybersecurity leaders discuss their strategies to secure against cyberattacks.

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Trust in Zero Trust presentation
Trust in Zero Trust — The industry is abuzz with the term “Zero Trust”, but how much trust is there in this term? Don Maclean visits the general features surrounding Zero Trust to narrow down what Zero Trust truly enclaves.

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Additional Cybersecurity Resources

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Securing DoD with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC
The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is an accreditation process developed by the Department of Defense (DoD) that measures the cybersecurity maturity of government contractors.

Visit DLT’s CMMC hub equipped with white papers, webinars, blogs and information on all things CMMC!


CrowdStrike Connect Series

Monthly CrowdTalks & Threat Intel Briefs with CrowdStrike
Want to have a better understanding of the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform modules? Or to learn more about some of today’s most important threat intelligence topics and nation-state adversaries? Then join CrowdStrike and DLT for the CrowdStrike Connect Series! The series will feature monthly CrowdTalks and Threat Intel Briefs. More information can be found below.

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Cybermonth: NETSCOUT Tech Talk Tuesdays

Covering Cybersecurity Hot Topics in NetScout TechTalk Tuesday Series
Tech Talk Tuesdays are technical discussions on hot topics that NETSCOUT customers are focused on solving. Our subject matter experts are experienced professionals who spend a lot of time helping customers pursue and solve their toughest challenges with innovative products and solutions from NETSCOUT.

Watch the recordings and sign up for the upcoming webinars!


Checkmarx DevSecOps Series



Securing DevOps Environment with Checkmarx DevSecOps Series
The need for increasing levels of software security is becoming even more apparent as organizations migrate applications to the Cloud and adopt DevSecOps as part of their software development and operational processes. This DevSecOps Series brings the fundamental challenges faced in DevOps cycles and how they can be solved.

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