The BMC and TD SYNNEX Public Sector partnership helps enable the delivery of software, services, and expertise to more than 10,000 customers, including 92% of the Forbes Global 100 and all 15 departments of the federal government, allowing them to meet escalating digital demands and maximize IT innovation. From mainframe to mobile to multi-cloud and beyond, our solutions empower enterprises of every size and industry to run and reinvent their businesses with efficiency, security, and momentum for the future.

Develop & Automate
BMC customers accelerate the delivery of new mobile-friendly applications through automation. Integration capabilities allow multiple applications to communicate, which automates process and provides situational awareness to all team members, regardless of the tool they use. Customers are enabling the adoption of cloud-based development platforms and "everything as code" with the power of:

  1. BMC Helix Platform
  2. BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management
  3. Control-M Automation API

Build & Configure
BMC customers are efficiently sourcing, building, and deploying services needed by the business with automation. They can ensure the governance of change management by automatically validating updates to the environment and minimizing risk to the business with the power of:

  1. BMC Helix ITSM
  2. BMC Helix Discovery
  3. BMC Helix Client Management
  4. TrueSight Automation for Servers
  5. TrueSight Automation for Networks
  6. Control-M Workload Change Manager

Operate & Orchestrate
BMC customers are delivering efficient services to the business. They are minimizing cost and effort through automation and orchestration of IT processes. Customers can execute and automate business workloads with the power of:

  1. BMC Helix ITSM
  2. BMC Helix Business Workflows
  3. BMC Helix Platform
  4. TrueSight Orchestration
  5. Control-M Self Service
  6. Control-M

Monitor & Assure
BMC customers continuously measure the performance, capacity, and health of services delivered to the business. This allows them to predict and respond to events with the power of:

  1. BMC Helix Business Workflows
  2. BMC Helix Cloud Cost
  3. BMC Helix Optimize
  4. TrueSight Operations Management
  5. TrueSight Orchestration
  6. Control-M Batch Impact Manager

Service & Manage
BMC customers manage the quality of service delivery, capture knowledge, and generate actionable business insights. They are able to leverage AI chatbots to provide improved customer interactions. BMC customers are able to continuously improve service performance with the power of:

  1. BMC Helix ITSM
  2. BMC Helix Chatbot
  3. BMC Helix Digital Workplace
  4. TrueSight Operations Management
  5. Control-M Batch Impact Manager

Secure & Govern
BMC customers ensure business services are secured through continuous assessment of their environments. They are able to provide the same security capabilities regardless of on-prem or in the cloud. Customers then remediate vulnerabilities and compliance to required policies with the power of:

  1. BMC Helix Cloud Security
  2. BMC Helix Remediate
  3. TrueSight Automation for Servers
  4. TrueSight Automation for Networks
  5. Control-M Workload Archiving
Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
2GIT 47QTCA21A000Y Federal
Equalis Group CCoG – Cloud Solutions COG-2139A
GSA Multiple Award Schedules GS-35F-267DA Federal, State
Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Software2 (ITES-SW2) W52P1J-20-D-0047 Federal
OMNIA Partners, Public Sector Software IDIQ R190902 State Texas
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal
State of California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) 3-16-70-1047B State California
State of Maryland Multi-Vendor COTS IDIQ 06B02490021 State Maryland
State of New Mexico Multi-Vendor IDIQ 60-000-16-00075 State New Mexico
State of Ohio Multi-Vendor IDIQ 534042 State Ohio
TIPS 210101 State Texas