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  • Event

    2015 Edge Summit

    Washington's premier eDiscovery conference the EDGE Summit returns in 2015 to explore the public sector trends and challenges surrounding topics like data management and protection, digital investigations, and records retention strategies. Government and industry leaders alike will benefit from the knowledge of expert speakers from the public-private intersection discussing emerging technologies, policy compliance and reigning in exponential data growth.

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  • Webinar

    Maximizing Your Oracle Database Using NetApp Storage

    This on-demand webinar highlights the NetApp solution for Oracle database which provides an agile data infrastructure, unprecedented scalability, continuous data access and automated data management. 

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  • Whitepaper

    Oracle Database 11G: Secure Files

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  • Other

    Security Compliance Automation with Red Hat Satellite

    Security compliance auditing often requires someone to painstakingly check off a paper checklist, producing a spreadsheet as the end result. The policies need to be interpreted against a number of variable to see if they apply. Security compliance features in Red Hat Satellite automate these painful processes.

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