Automation Anywhere delivers the most comprehensive enterprise-grade RPA platform with built-in cognitive solutions and analytics. Automation Anywhere Enterprise has been deployed across more than 3500+ of the world's largest brands, delivering more than 1.7 Million automated full-time equivalent digital workers. These software robots (bots) manage and scale business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs.

Based on the belief that giving people more time to create, think, and discover will build great companies, Automation Anywhere has provided the world's best RPA and cognitive technology to leading financial services, business process outsourcing (BPO), healthcare, technology, federal agencies, and insurance companies across more than 92 countries for more than a decade. 

For public sector, Automation Anywhere has over 20 implementations in Federal, and State & Local agencies using our platform. One Federal agency has been using our Software for over 7 years, an early pioneer of the technology.

Automation Anywhere is on a mission to become the world's largest employer, with the goal of augmenting the global workforce with more than three million digital workers by 2020. We will achieve this by delivering superior RPA software within the industry's most intuitive and easily scalable intelligent Digital Workforce Platform. With bulletproof security, state-of-the-art technology, and unmatched flexibility, the Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Platform is architected to be the world's most comprehensive and enterprise-grade offering in this technology category. No other platform is as easily implemented and scales as quickly to meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprises. 

Chart showing how AAI's Digital Workforce is Different from RPA

Automation Anywhere is the industry's only 'Digital Workforce' with enterprise RPA, native operational and business analytics, and a native cognitive AI/ML solution, IQ Bot, that intelligently extracts decision making information from semi-structured data (invoices, POs, etc.) and unstructured data (contracts, etc.).  We have found that requiring 3rd party solution integrations for OCR and analytics can increase deployment and management costs, complicate support and security models, and ultimately hinder the value received from the underlying RPA platform.


Architected from the ground up to deliver a web-based user experience, Enterprise A2019—the latest release of Automation Anywhere's flagship intelligent Digital Workforce platform—offers businesses a choice between on-prem or cloud deployments.

Enterprise A2019 provides a highly intuitive, user experience for all users—from the tech savvy business user and specialist RPA developer to the IT manager responsible for enterprise-wide RPA deployment and adoption. 

Automation Anywhere architecture

In addition to an on-premises deployment, Enterprise A2019 offers private, public, and hybrid cloud deployment. Near-infinite scalability enables the Digital Workforce to adapt as your automations grow.

Enterprise A2019 is infused with Artificial Intelligence capabilities throughout. Now, any user can drag and drop desired AI skills to incorporate intelligence into each and every area of their process automation.

As a platform- and technology-agnostic provider of enterprise automation, we deploy a distributed digital workforce management system featuring Bot development clients, our central Control Room, and Bot Runners. 

Develop, Manage, Deploy

Automate Your Enterprise - Any Application, Any Process/Department, Anywhere

Any Application - With over a decade of automation experience, the platform has automated every application, from SAP to legacy applications. Our Bots are engineered for the fastest-time-to-value across any application, operating at the user interface (UI), application programming interface (API), operating system (OS) and database layers.

Any Process - We've automated every phase of a business process, from back office functions in IT, HR and F&A to front office and mid-office, including thousands of the most complex end-to-end processes. Our Bots are highly responsive, detecting and adapting to any application changes.

Any Infrastructure - The platform is infrastructure-agnostic; it is deployable from virtual infrastructures in public or private cloud environments, to server-based processing and even to the desktop. Regardless of how it is deployed, the Automation Anywhere Control Room ensures that all Bots are deployed and managed with the most granular, role-based controls and best-in-class security.

Automation Anywhere: Any Infrastructure

Zero Downtime Implementation
Organizations can start small and expand as needed without business disruptions.

One Platform
A single platform for automation across the business, whether attended, unattended, or cognitive RPA.

The first platform for human-bot collaboration, compatible with existing RPA bots.

Globally Deployed
Proven customer deployments with 1000s of remote bots.

Chat Support
Create more value in customer-facing communications with support for chatbot automation.

Certified Secure
The Automation Anywhere RPA platform is certified secure with audit trails. 

If you are an agency in the early stages of evaluating automation for manual tasks, here are some suggested steps for getting started:

Request a Demo
One of the Automation Anywhere Sales Engineers/Sales leads can conduct an overview of the platform and provide a step by step demo focusing on the ease of use for the platform. If an agency has a use case for automation provide this in advance of the demo to drive a more meaningful discussion. In doing this, this will allow the agency to envision the power of the Automation Anywhere digital workforce solution.

Process Selection
One of the key steps for a Digital Workforce implementation is selecting the right process. Automation Anywhere can provide guidance during this process. Below is a high-level diagram of the steps for identifying the right process to automation. Schedule a meeting with Automation Anywhere to have a deeper discussion on potential use cases in your agency.

4 Steps to Getting Started

Bot Camp
Let Automation Anywhere conduct a Bot Camp for your organization. The duration is a half day.  This can be done virtually or on-site (in the future).  The Bot Camp will allow the agency to become more familiar with the Software platform and how this can be utilized to automate relevant key processes in your agency. This will allow the agency to build champions with this hands-on immersive workshop.​

JTEK Data Solutions helps clients achieve digital transformation of their infrastructure, cyber security, and workforce. The process involves fundamental changes in technology, culture, and how work is executed. JTEK focuses on first establishing principles to guide the transformation, which in turn creates supportive processes, and finally clarifies the proper technologies to utilize.


  • Designing process automation solutions which minimize the support burden on IT for implementation/upgrades/scaling
  • Training business analysts and developers on the best practices with use of RPA tools
  • Democratizing process automation across business users and systems analysts
  • Educating the entirety of your organization, so RPA isn't limited within the Agency or Enterprise

To learn more about JTEK​'s initiative around RPA and how the​y can help your agency, make sure to download the RPA is Poised To Power - A Government Workforce Transformation article.

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