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ITAR-Compliant solutions delivered by U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil 24x7x365

IT manufacturers and technology companies aim to deliver world-class support to their customers. With the proliferation of data breakages, privacy violations, cyberattacks, and increased regulation and oversight, government agencies are requiring stricter data controls and a higher standard of service. Solving for this need can be costly, time-consuming, and increase risk to your business.

Since 2005, TD SYNNEX Public Sector's Confirmed Stateside Support, an ITAR-compliant solution delivered by U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil, has helped solve for this complicated and costly requirement that government demands today.



TD SYNNEX Public Sector's Confirmed Stateside Support (CSS) for technology companies helps you secure your current base of contracts, reduce risk, expand your opportunities, and protect and grow your brand.

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Our Confirmed Stateside Support was purpose-built for the public sector and designed to support technology companies doing business with government agencies. Our team of vendor-certified engineers undergo a rigorous screening and testing process before they ever pick up a phone or interact with a customer, resulting in a 98.2% case closure rate.

CSS Core Essentials

That means fewer calls into your own operations center, higher customer satisfaction rates, and a unique capability that positions your brand to capture an increased share of public sector market opportunities. All of which is delivered on U.S. Soil by U.S. Citizen Engineers.

With Confirmed Stateside Support, you have the ability to offer public sector customers a capability that differentiates your business from the competition, while reducing risk and lowering costs. Your business is enabled to grow quickly while satisfying customer demand.

TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s Confirmed Stateside Support offering is an unrivaled support advantage that delivers U.S. Citizen, U.S. Soil, ITAR-Complaint Technical Support, 24x7x365. Housed in a state-of the-art secure facility in the TD SYNNEX Public Sector's Operations Center, our offering is registered with the U.S. State Department for ITA compliance (PDTC#M38838).

  • Ready to serve federal agencies that require ITAR and ITAR-like contracts
  • Maintain security in a highly sensitive area
  • Competitive differentiation for your solution
  • Expand trust and access to the federal space
  • Protect contracts against future regulatory or compliance mandates
  • Add new service to your existing capabilities
  • Increase market share by expanding your core offering
  • Failure to comply with regulatory mandates may result in termination, legal/punitive fines
  • Lost revenue
  • PR exposure and potential brand and reputational damage
  • Being “locked out” of future federal contracts

We deliver Confirmed Stateside Support in two ways — either as a white label solution or through a named partnership. This means you can customize how you want to package the solution to your target customers in line with your own business strategy.

  • TD SYNNEX Public Sector Brand Powered: Leverage TD SYNNEX Public SectorT's industry leadership and brand reputation to augment your confirmed stateside support offerings.
  • Private Label: Seamlessly add and deliver TD SYNNEX Public Sector's confirmed stateside support under your own brand.

We offer technology companies using Confirmed Stateside Support full transparency into the casement management lifecycle. We never forget the customers we serve are also yours.