Providing value to constituents, analyzing data to provide better public service outcomes, and designing better bridges, levees, and dams are all examples of how our public sector professionals support their missions, their constituents, and our communities. Due to tight budgets, short timelines, and resource constraints, the lines of business are increasingly relying on business applications and automation to facilitate real-time, fast results. As technology evolves and digital transformation becomes increasingly desired, government agencies are consistently looking for ways to improve productivity and decrease operational costs.

TD SYNNEX Public Sector has strategically crafted a technology portfolio of business applications allowing government agencies to streamline business processes, automate activities, determine better outcomes, and increase collaboration. We offer a variety of solutions that help the government design and build infrastructure; secure and analyze data; manage properties and finances and workforces; and create a better workflow for better results.

These commercial off the shelf (COTS) options ultimately help drive innovation and business transformation by increasing agency agility, improving mission outcomes, lowering costs, and reducing complexity.