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Doing business with the public sector shouldn’t be a mystery. DLT’s Market Intelligence portal takes the mystery out of doing business with the public sector with actionable market intelligence assets that will help you uncover and better understand opportunities that will grow your public sector revenue.

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How much more effective could your sales and marketing be if you had custom, curated and timely public sector market intelligence assets readily available anytime you needed?

When you have actionable intelligence at your disposal, you can build a better sales and marketing engine to grow your public sector business. Our Market Intelligence Library includes:

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Market Intelligence Resources

Recent Public Sector Blueprints

MI Blueprint FY22 Federal Agency Cheat Sheet
FY22 Federal IT Cheat Sheet — Your inside guide to Federal IT sales opportunities. Use this resource to determine the top programs, contractors and contract vehicles aligned to your technology.

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SLED Public Sector Blueprint
A Deep Dive Into SLED — Take a deep dive into SLED IT trends and tech domain specific drivers aimed at helping you win business. Each SLED Blueprint will present an overview of relevant public sector knowledge and sales focused market research.

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Take a Deep Dive into FY22 Federal Civilian Agencies’ Priorities, Pain Points and Challenges
Take a Deep Dive into FY22 Federal Civilian Agencies’ Priorities, Pain Points and Challenges — Take a deep-dive into 15 Federal Civilian agencies priorities, pain points and challenges. In these Blueprints, you’ll find a breakdown of the agencies’ budget, decision makers by name, contract landscape, top IT programs, and trends and drivers.

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Recent Sales Intelligence Briefings

Text reads: Sales Intelligence Briefing: Strike While the Iron is Hot: Positioning Yourself Ahead of the State Fiscal Year 22/23
Sales Intelligence Briefing: Strike While the Iron is Hot: Positioning Yourself Ahead of the State Fiscal Year 22/23 — Gain insights into how government contractors can best take advantage of opportunities as state and local governments approach their fiscal year end.

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Text reads: Sales Intelligence Briefing: Zero Trust Federal Overview
Sales Intelligence Briefing: Zero Trust: Federal Overview — This Sales Intelligence Briefing provides the basics of the federal government’s Zero Trust frameworks, as well as insights into upcoming milestones, insertion points, and implementation plans.

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Thumbnail for Federal Cloud Computing Primer
Sales Intelligence Briefing: Federal Cloud Computing Primer — In this high-level briefing, we take a look at the federal cloud computing market, focused on key drivers and initiatives, service models, as well as both defense and civilian agency spending trends.

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Recent Fundamental Trainings

Text reads: DOD Budget Cycle 101
Fundamental Training: DOD Budget Cycle 101 — An overview of the DOD budget process and insights into important challenges in the DOD’s planning and procurements of technology and what is being done to address these challenges.

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Thumbnail for Fundamental Training: Shared Services 101
DLT Market Intelligence Fundamental Trainings: Shared Services 101 — This Fundamental Training is designed to introduce you to the concept of Shared Services, their history, QSMOs, and the acquisition process, as well as the benefits and barriers within this model.

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Thumbnail for Procurement 101
DLT Market Intelligence Fundamental Trainings: Procurement 101 — This presentation is designed to introduce you to the world of federal IT procurement. Learn the difference between private and public sector procurement and the basics of the U.S. Federal procurement process.

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Market Intelligence Blogs

Business Applications, Cloud Computing, Market Intelligence April 7, 2022
At this year’s Department of the Navy (DON) IT Conference, the U.S. Marine Corps discussed its enterprise cloud delivery strategy and how it is derived from its mission to evolve antiquated networks. Before, a Marine working out of headquarters or a U.S. base would use enterprise systems, applications, and infrastructure, but when a Marine goes out in the field, a new email and identity are assigned to operate from different servers and shared drives. For the Marine Corps, that approach is going by the wayside.
Federal Government, Market Intelligence April 4, 2022
Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin III, joined the President this past week in releasing the FY23 budget. With a total of $773B requested for defense priorities, which represents a nearly 4% increase from last fiscal year’s enacted amount, the Department of Defense (DOD) is seeking funding across multiple focal areas.
Market Intelligence April 4, 2022
This past week, the president released the FY23 Budget Request. Civilian agencies are set to receive a boost across an array of initiatives including cybersecurity, workforce pay and development, climate science, mental health priorities, as well as infrastructure repair. The following will examine some of the prominent departments across the civilian landscape and the funding set to boost these top initiatives.

About the DLT Market Insights Organization

What We Do

DLT's Market Insights organization analyzes funded programs and opportunities in the public sector information technology (IT) market and then leverages that intelligence to make sales, business development, marketing and capture teams and activities more effective.

Our team of seasoned analysts specialize in uncovering the nexus between funding and requirements. We help DLT’s channel partners and technology vendors find the right opportunities at the right time and arm them with actionable intelligence on the appropriate messaging, decision makers and contracts needed to be successful in the public sector.

We apply our knowledge of government requirements and budgets to grow pipeline; using insights and intelligence that are actionable, relevant and timely. Our Market Insights team provides training and key information on:

  • Key programs and initiatives across federal and state, local and education (SLED)
  • Contracts and contract vehicles
  • Funded programs and program offices
  • Relevant executive orders and laws effecting IT acquisition
  • Contractors and systems integrators
  • Budget process
  • Request for information (RFI) and Other Transaction Authority (OTA)
  • Funding trends
  • Key decision makers

How We Do It

DLT’s Market Insights team utilizes primary and secondary research to provide world class market intelligence on public sector trends and drivers. Our secret sauce is how we fuse a vast array of qualitative and quantitative data sources into sales-focused deliverables that are part of DLT’s value add as the leading public sector aggregator. These include:

  • Agency and state deep dives
  • Briefings on budgets, executive orders, and major initiatives
  • 101 trainings on a wide variety of public sector sales and business development related topics
  • Articles and blogs covering recent developments in public sector IT
  • Opportunity identification
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Custom whitespace analysis