TD SYNNEX Public Sector and IBM enable the public sector with integrated solutions that:

  • Enhance operation readiness
  • Deliver a faster, more reliable way to modernize and move to the cloud using TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s Cloud Navigator Program
  • Provide insight analysis to uncover hidden connections in disparate data from multiple sources and gain actionable intelligence quickly
  • Help infuse insights into transportation, facilities and economies at the state and local level.

No matter if your customer is with the federal civilian government, Department of Defense or a SLED organization, TD SYNNEX Public Sector can provide you with any IBM software-based solutions. From IBM Cloud Paks to IBM Watson, to cybersecurity solutions like Aqua Container Security Platform — TD SYNNEX Public Sector has you covered.

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As an authorized public sector aggregator for IBM solutions, TD SYNNEX Public Sector is positioned to bring you the IBM solutions that are listed below:

Icon for IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Paks: IBM’s fully-containerized and integrated suites of software that enable customers to implement intelligent workflows throughout their businesses. IBM Cloud Paks run on Red Hat OpenShift, the leading enterprise container platform, and hosted on IBM Cloud to enable business to easily develop, deploy and manage applications across hybrid cloud environments.

  • IBM Cloud Paks for Data: It is a fully-integrated data and AI platform that helps modernize the way data is collected, organized and analyzed with the infusion of AI. IBM Cloud Packs for Data is cloud native and is designed to add powerful new capabilities for data management, DataOps, governance, business analytics and AI. Learn more
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Security: It provides a platform to quickly integrate your existing security tools and generate deeper insights into threats across hybrid, multicloud environments. Learn more
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Application: It is an enterprise-ready, containerized software solution for modernizing existing applications and developing new cloud-native apps that run on Red Hat® OpenShift®. Learn more
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps: It is an AIOps platform that deploys advanced, explainable AI across the ITOps toolchain so you can confidently assess, diagnose and resolve incidents across mission-critical workloads. Learn more
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Automation: It offers design, build, run and automation services to rapidly scale your programs and fully execute and operationalize an automation strategy. Learn more

Icon for IBM Watson

IBM Watson: IBM’s portfolio of enterprise-ready pre-built applications, tools and runtimes are designed to reduce the costs and hurdles of AI adoption, while maximizing outcomes and responsible use of AI in the public sector.

Icon for IBM Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics: A powerful statistical software platform, IBM SPSS Statistics delivers a robust set of features that lets U.S. public sector organizations extract actionable insights from their data to enhance mission success.

Icon for IBM Aqua Container

Aqua Container Security Platform: It provides full visibility and control over cloud-native applications, with tight runtime security controls and intrusion prevention capabilities, at any scale.

Icon for IBM Bare Metal

IBM Bare Metal and Virtual Cloud Servers: Single tenant to multi-tenant scalable and high performing cloud-based infrastructure for optimized computing.

Icon for IBM Cloud Functions

IBM Cloud Functions: Polyglot functions-as-a-service (FaaS) programming platform for developing lightweight code that scales execution on demand.

Icon for IBM Aqua Container

IBM Db2 on Cloud: It is a fully managed SQL cloud database that offers a dedicated operations team, point-in-time recovery, high availability disaster recovery technology with multizone region support and independent scaling to protect enterprise applications.

Icon for IBM Identity Connect

IBM Cloud Identity Connect: This cloud service tightly integrates with IBM Security Access Management (ISAM), which is included as enabling software that provides a solution for end users to support their line-of business demands for access management spanning both their on-premise and cloud applications.

Icon for IBM Security Advisor

IBM Cloud Security Advisor: A security dashboard, IBM Cloud Security Advisor provides centralized security management. The dashboard unifies vulnerability and network data as well as application and system findings from IBM Services, partners and user-defined sources.

Icon for IBM Key Protect

IBM Key Protect: It provides roots of trust (RoT) backed by a hardware security module (HSM). If Key Protect is enabled, the Content Platform Engine domain master key and the content encryption key for the pre-provisioned storage area are automatically generated and saved.

Don’t see the IBM solution you’re looking for? TD SYNNEX Public Sector is approved to sell all of IBM’s software-based solutions and ready fulfill any software requirement you have.

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DLT is currently in the process of onboarding IBM onto its contract vehicles. If you would like to procure IBM software solutions and services now, please contact a DLT representative.