DataWalk® and TD SYNNEX Public Sector partner to enhance the analytical and investigative capabilities of government agencies using DataWalk's next-generation analytics software. DataWalk enables agencies to quickly fuse, transform, access, visualize, analyze and report on all of their data across many data silos — including structured and unstructured content — in a single enterprise solution. DataWalk dramatically accelerates time to results, at a fraction the cost of comparable platforms. DataWalk provides an excellent alternative to Palantir Gotham®, and an upgrade path from IBM i2®.

The DataWalk software platform is a single integrated solution for data access, data analysis, and secure, collaborative investigations.

Using a massively scalable big-data engine, combined with user-friendly and easy to operate visual interfaces, DataWalk eliminates the limitations of data silos, allowing agencies to rapidly import and fuse data from all of their internal and external data sources. DataWalk provides a singular data view with intuitive interfaces including visual queries, histograms, link charts, maps, flows, and dashboards for faster intelligence-led decision-making. DataWalk enables you to create reusable workflows for capturing organizational knowledge and delivering accurate, complete, consistent, and auditable results.

DataWalk is a powerful tool for analysts, and also provides the ability for non-analysts and/or mobile users to easily access any data they are authorized to see — to run queries, view target packages, or run reports — with the tap of a button.

Fraud Detection and Investigation

DataWalk enables you to easily create and tune your own rules, machine learning models, and scores, to detect frauds with exceptional accuracy. DataWalk then dramatically accelerates investigations by giving you one single interface for an aggregated view for all data and analyses, via link charts and other analytical facilities.

Intelligence Analysis

DataWalk provides a sophisticated, easy-to-use Enterprise-class intelligence analysis solution. DataWalk enables you to connect ALL data in one place for access and analysis, including your internal databases, public records data, social media data, website content, other OSINT sources, and anything else. You can instantly identify connections and patterns across all your data, and significantly accelerate production of actionable intelligence.

Anti-Money Laundering Investigations

DataWalk's next generation investigative software fuses transaction data, SAR/CTR data, and data from any other available sources into an integrated repository. Regulators and law enforcement agencies can then quickly and efficiently "follow the money" to identify and investigate suspicious activity associated with money laundering. Rules and scores can easily be generated and modified, and quickly run against even the largest data sets.

Cryptocurrency Investigations

DataWalk enables you to not only track cryptocurrency money flows and associate clusters with known entities, but to also connect cryptocurrency and darknet data with other data sources to find more digital fingerprints to help identify bad actors.

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