Akamai and TD SYNNEX Public Sector partner together to enable agencies with a Cloud First strategy that improves the security, performance, and scale of their cloud based solutions. Government organizations can trust the Akamai Intelligence Platform as the foundation for their cybersecurity and cloud computing projects. Akamai has remained committed to serving public sector cloud solution needs, such as DNSSEC, IPv6 and HIPAA compliance, and we continue to demonstrate that commitment with the award of our FedRAMP P-ATO. All branches of the US military, 14 out of 15 cabinet-level agencies, various state and local government agencies, and many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) trust Akamai for their critical, and often sensitive, online initiatives.



Akamai Intelligent Platform

Akamai assists your agency in delivering cloud-based solutions, defense-in-depth solutions, greener IT and higher ROI, while providing an enhanced SLA for your web applications. Akamai does this through their Intelligent Platform, the leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere, reaching globally and delivering locally. It’s made up of a distributed network of servers and intelligent software. Akamai Intelligent Platform encompasses the following:

  • SOLA Sphere - Unsurpassed global Content Delivery Network to store and deliver media content.
  • SOLA Vision - Cloud-based solutions to simplify audience reach, protect content, improve engagement, and enable monetization.
  • SOLA Analytics - Comprehensive tools to measure quality and resulting behavior - from the audience to the individual viewer level.
  • Electronic Software Delivery - Improve adoption and completion rates with fast, reliable software downloads.
  • Download Manager - Customize and accelerate the download experience.
  • AQUA Ion - An integrated performance suite that adds critical intelligence to Akamai’s best-of-breed acceleration solutions to deliver a high quality end-user experience.
  • Dynamic Site Accelerator - Deliver rich, personalized Web experiences globally up to 5x faster.
  • IPv6 Adaptation - Immediately reach both IPv4 and IPv6 audiences, quickly and reliably, over the hybrid Internet.
  • AQUA Ion Mobile - Coupling intelligence and performance to provide the highest quality experiences to mobile users.
  • Mobile Detection and Redirect - A streamlined, fully integrated mobile browser detection solution to enable mobile Web site optimization and delivery.


Akamai’s Intelligent Platform delivers applications consistently while providing control and security for your users. The platform is made up of a distributed network of servers and intelligent software, delivering over two trillion interactions daily. No one delivers more web traffic than Akamai, and 90% of internet users are a single network hop away.


Designed to provide superior cloud computing security, prevent data theft and downtime and mitigate Denial of Service attacks by extending the security perimeter outside the data center, Akamai’s security solutions are part of an overall web security strategy. Akamai solutions pave the way for secure communications without performance sacrifice. From DDoS mitigation to application layer vulnerabilities, Akamai cloud security has you covered.

Web and Mobile

Delivering on mobile ubiquity presents significant challenges. They include optimizing the web experience for a myriad of devices and content types, each with its own unique form factor and capability requirements. Akamai can help push aside these complexities, providing the tools to deliver mobile optimized web sites and applications. Their solutions are designed to enable a more personalized, impactful, relevant, and secure user experience that creates a secure environment for your agency and users.


Ubiquitous and versatile HD-quality video presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage and interact with audiences – from secure enterprise-wide meetings to online event streaming. But pushing all this content – securely and seemlessly – is challenging as much as it is essential. Akamai solutions help you engage your employees and secure your content. Simplify workflows and distribution, stream across multiple devices and multiple continents and re-invent your distribution channel.

Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
CIO-CS HHSN316201500012W Federal
NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Multi-State Multi-Vendor IDIQ AR2480 State Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming
National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) - Systems and Information Management Software 01-136 / 01-164 National Texas
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal
State of California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) 3-16-70-1047B State California
State of Maryland Multi-Vendor COTS IDIQ 06B02490021 State Maryland
State of New Mexico Multi-Vendor IDIQ 60-000-16-00075 State New Mexico
State of Ohio Multi-Vendor IDIQ 534042 State Ohio
TIPS 210101 State Texas

Akamai's enterprise security solutions can be globally deployed in less than 15 minutes to secure and manage remote access.

Start today with a free 60-day self-service period of our Enterprise Application Access solution. Contact us if you need help with your implementation. Our Enterprise Security Specialist team will conduct a rapid review of your remote user requirements and project scope. Together, we will determine how we can assist you.

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