The company’s health and safety management system is critical for not only protecting employees and the environment, but also for maintaining regulatory compliance. This system monitors air, water, and waste management, as well as loss prevention, document management and integration. Much of this relies on “always-on” digital services. This puts IT under significant pressure to be more proactive in ensuring quality and availability of critical services to avoid stiff regulatory fines/penalties which can range into the billions of dollars, and reputational damage with the public.

To streamline IT services, the company decided to migrate vital systems to a hybrid cloud environment. It was critical that performance after the move be equal to or better than the existing on premise applications and that they have the ability to address issues quickly. IT needed a way to maintain visibility and assure services before, during and after migration to this new hybrid cloud environment. To achieve this, they needed end-to-end troubleshooting capabilities across the hybrid cloud in order to prove exactly where problems originated, ending time-wasting finger-pointing, and enabling collaboration with third-party vendors to resolve issues quickly.

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