Cybersecurity September 10, 2021
Current IT modernization initiatives are challenging federal agencies to implement significant changes to their infrastructure at a breakneck pace. As they look to keep pace with an increasingly sophisticated cyber threat environment and accommodate workflows shifting to the cloud, the federal government is looking to zero trust as a solution. Zero trust is a security model that maintains secure access to data and applications based on dynamic security policies reacting to access request specifics, as opposed to the network from where access originates.
Big Data & Analytics August 31, 2021
DLT’s Chief Data Scientist, Sherry Bennett, recently sat down recently with Lora L. Allen, Medallia’s Public Sector Principal CX Advisor and discussed her service in the public sector, Lora’s role at Medallia helping educate and advise government agencies that are tackling CX challenges, and more. Q: Prior to joining Medallia, you spent your entire career in public service, can you kindly tell me how your service has shaped and informed your current focus on customer experience?
Big Data & Analytics August 27, 2021
State governments want their software to be secure, compliant and designed for the 21st century. As such, many state governments are evaluating their current ERP platforms to determine how to modernize financials, procurement, human capital management, and payroll applications. While some have pursued modernization by embarking on multi-tenant cloud journeys, most organizations are still in the planning phase.
Big Data & Analytics August 27, 2021
In today’s volatile and disruptive economic environment, CFOs and Finance organizations must lead organizational decision-making processes with insight, speed and confidence. Yet many Finance organizations are still bogged down by inefficiencies in routine processes within the period-end financial close and reporting cycle. And that makes it difficult to shift time to value-added analysis and decision support.
Big Data & Analytics August 27, 2021
The notion of Data Analytics has been in existence for a very long time. Everyone understood data and analytics as essential to “someone” within the organization, but somehow at a distance. In the best case, the technology team would provide a user with the requested data as a means of assessing success and forecasting the future needs of the organization.
Digital Design August 20, 2021
Healthcare facility management is complex, especially since many organizations are open around the clock. Ensuring yours is at its best is expensive. Maintaining a building properly accounts for more than 80 percent of the total cost of operations and occupancy. Safety regulations constantly change. Patients arrive and depart on a variety of timelines. Healthcare workers regularly use spaces like break rooms and storage areas.