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Accelerate Public Sector Growth With a Trusted Solutions Aggregator

DLT is the premier Public Sector Solutions Aggregator committed to accelerating growth for technology companies and their channel partners. With a manufacturer-first policy, we ensure that we never compete for your business because of a public sector customer preference. DLT is the Public Sector Aggregator you can trust to enable, grow, and strengthen your business all while reducing costs and mitigating risk.


DLT's Toolbox of knowledge and Programs that make a difference

When you join the DLT partner ecosystem, your business will accelerate in growth, increase in profitability, and gain access to specialized services built specifically for the public sector. Take advantage of the complete suite of value-added services, crafted specifically for our partners:

Public Sector Market Knowledge: Technology Domain Expertise, Customer Market Intelligence, Actionable Sales

Public Sector Market Knowledge: For over 25 years, DLT has focused solely on the public sector. We provide your business with access to in-house subject matter experts aligned with specific technology domains to use our market intelligence to drive informed sales and marketing strategies.

Cloud Navigator Program: Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform, Accelerated Cloud Profitability, Customized Cloud

Cloud Navigator Program: No matter where you are in your journey, DLT has a program to help you maximize cloud profitability while reducing risk and operating expense – so that that you can focus on business growth and customer acquisition.

Channel Enablement & Growth: OEM Training and Education, Contract Vehicle Access, Partner Relationship Management Portal

Channel Enablement and Growth: We offer OEM training and education that provides your business with in-depth knowledge on specific products and channel programs, deal registration, and access to a robust selection of in-house contracts, all of which will expedite your road to increased profitability.

Technical Expertise: DLT Innovation Lab, Pre-sales Engineering, Confirmed Stateside Support

Technical Expertise: DLT has a team of in-house, experienced software engineers that have deep OEM product knowledge and the capability to provide ITAR compliant, US Citizen/US Soil Confirmed Stateside Support.

Public Sector Infrastructure: Purpose-built IT Systems \u0026amp; Process, Contract & Capture Management, Operational Excellence

And all of these services find their foundation in a purpose-built infrastructure designed to win public sector business while reducing your risk and operating expense. This includes our government compliant systems and processes, contract & capture management services, and operational excellence to handle tens of thousands of transactions at scale.

Ready to increase your profitability and expand your solutions portfolio? Contact us today and learn more about the advantages of partnering with DLT.

Accelerate Your Public Sector Business With a Partner You Can Trust

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DLT offers a variety of traditional and innovative financing options to assist our Partners in growing their business. We understand that credit support is needed for our Partners to grow their business, so they remain competitive and profitable in the industry. Our financial solutions are a must-have for Partners that are serious about expanding, cultivating, and increasing their purchasing power. Without the right financial solutions, Partners will miss out on profitable business opportunities and the opportunity to grow your business.

Click the tabs below for more specific financing information.

  • Open an account
  • Account number and credit limit

Opening an account and/or applying for credit is quick and simple—just complete the credit application and email it to creditapplications@dlt.com. Our Credit Analysts work quickly and diligently to approve your application.

Typically, the application will take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed the application and returned to creditapplications@dlt.com our experienced Credit Analysts will begin processing your application. To prevent any delays, please ensure that all sections of the credit application have been completed and signed by authorized persons within your organization, prior to submitting. We are unable to accept the application if it has been signed by anyone other than an authorized signer.

Important note: Tax documents should be sent separately to our Sales Tax Department via email to salestax@dlt.com. Your company name should be listed in the subject line (Ex: New account – ABC Company).

After your application is processed, you will receive a welcome e-mail containing your account number and credit limit. Once you have account number and the credit limit, you may begin using your account.

Remember, in most instances your credit application will be approved within 24 hours. If you are seeking credit in excess of $500K, the approval process may be a little longer. Be assured that our Team of Credit Analysts are working thoroughly to process your application and may reach out to you if there are any questions.

  • Update an Existing Account
  • Update Sales Tax Information
  • Change of Address 

Update an Existing Account

To update your existing account, please complete and return the credit application to creditapplications@dlt.com.

This request is generally required when there has been no activity on your account for the past 24 months, or for periodical updates to your account information. The updated information will be reflected within one business day, provided that all forms are completed in their entirety.

Your company name should be listed in the subject line (Ex: Existing Account – ABC Company). If you have your account number, please be sure to provide this information. If you are unsure if you have an account number, please reach out to our Credit Team at creditapplications@dlt.com.

To prevent any delays, please ensure that all sections of the credit application have been completed and signed by authorized persons within your organization, prior to submitting. We are unable to accept the application if it has been signed by anyone other than an authorized signer.

Update Sales Tax Information

All tax certificates should be emailed to salestax@dlt.com. Be sure to include your DLT account number and name in the subject line. (Ex: Update – ABC Company).

Change of Address

Email or fax an updated W-9 and the change of address notice on company letterhead, signed by an authorized signer of your company, to creditapplications@dlt.com.

Email a PDF copy to creditapplications@dlt.com or fax a change of address request to 866-352-5855.

Important Note: Please be sure to include your DLT account number, old address, new address, and the effective date of the change.

  • Net Terms
  • Assignment of Claims
  • Escrow Program
  • Flooring
  • Leasing
  • Transparency Terms

Every company needs credit as a stimulant for growth, but we realize that every company is unique and requires a credit solution to fit their needs. We offer several credit solutions ranging from open credit (net terms), assignment of proceeds, escrow, leasing, flooring, transparency terms, ACH/EFT, wire transfers, and credit card. We are committed to helping you succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

Net Terms Account

Your account will be established with a credit limit, based on the information provided in your credit application, credit history, and your company’s financial statements. DLT’s standard net terms are net 30 days. If at any time you would like your credit limit reviewed for consideration of a higher amount, please contact our Credit Team at creditapplications@dlt.com.

Documents required for a credit limit review include:

  • Fully completed DLT Solutions credit application with authorized signature.
  • Most current accountant prepared financial statements (audited or reviewed) for the two most recent fiscal years;
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Statement of cash flow
    • With all accompanying financial notes
  • Interim financial statements for the most current fiscal year/quarter end.
  • Possible discussion between Credit Analyst/Manager, Partner’s CFO, or other executive member responsible for the Partner’s corporate finances.

Important: Credit limits are established at the discretion of DLT Solutions’ Credit Team or executive management based on the advice and information received.

When evaluating the most appropriate credit and financing solutions DLT will consider the following process:

  1. Open Trade Credit Limits may be subject to the following conditions:
    • Quarterly review and analysis of Partner sales data
    • Credit analyst shall determine trends in procurement cycles, seasonal peaks, and average monthly sales data analysis
    • Annual credit review (minimum)
    • Semi-annual credit review of Partners with limits equal to or greater than $200K
    • Possible onsite Partner visits
    • Credit limits are established at the discretion of DLT Solutions’ Credit Team or executive management based on the advice and information received
    • Partners who have exceeded their credit limit or have proven to be high payment risks may be evaluated on a transaction-by-transaction basis.
  2. DLT Solutions may seek a secured position (Personal Guaranty or Blanket Security Agreement). DLT Solutions balances the credit risk against the business opportunity to determine if it makes sense to accept the risk and the order. The following scenarios are examples of instances where a secured position may be exercised:
    • Partner fails to honor the escrow or banking structure set forth in an escrow agreement.
    • The Partner requires a credit limit increase to complete a time-sensitive transaction.
    • Decline in financial status.
    • Flooring approval denied.

For additional help, please contact the DLT Credit Team at creditapplications@dlt.com.

Assignment of Claims

This is ideal for large opportunities where a customer’s purchase order exceeds their established DLT credit limit. DLT provides the customer an Assignment of Claims letter instructing them to send payment to DLT instead of directly to the Partner. Qualified end users include federal, state, and local government entities. Credit approved commercial entities may also be considered.

These transactions include single purchase orders or single contract types, as well as ongoing or recurring business with a specific customer/agency (e.g., monthly, quarterly). To use the Assignment of Claims program, the Partner must have established credit with DLT Solutions.

You will need to provide a copy of your purchase order to DLT and your End-User’s redacted PO, their purchase order to your company, to DLT along with the executed Notice of Assignment. You must also provide a sample of your proposed invoicing to the End-User. This should reflect payment terms of net 30 and the remit address of where the payment should be sent.

Any proceeds, taxes, service fees, etc. will be reimbursed to the Partner/Reseller within 5 business days.

Important Note: Our late policy is still in effect. Invoices not paid within terms are subject to a 1.5% per month interest charge.

Assignment of Claims benefits include:

  • Interest-free inventory financing
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Better management of cash flow
  • Ease of administration
  • Extremely successful for minority and small businesses

If  this solution sounds right for your company, please contact our Credit Team at creditapplications@dlt.com or inform your sales representative.

Escrow Program

Escrow agreements are a multipurpose tool for larger orders. This credit solution is most beneficial when the Federal government is the End-User but may be used when your End-User is not the Federal government. 

  • DLT Partners with BB&T Bank, a neutral third party, to act as a temporary agent in these financial transactions.
  • End-User remits payment directly to BB&T Bank.
  • At joint direction, BB&T Bank will pay DLT for your purchases and DLT will pay you for your services.
  • The annual fee is paid by your company to set up the Escrow account with BB&T Bank.
  • To apply for an Escrow account, contact BB&T Bank, Ruby Tyner, Trust Officer @ 252-246-4213 or email ruby.tyner@bbantt.com.

If approved, you can also use your bank to set up the Escrow account.


When your company needs additional credit to make purchases from DLT, flooring is another solution for you to consider. DLT has partnered with DLL and Wells Fargo, a neutral party, for this type of financing. The most beneficial aspect to using the flooring solution is that all flooring transactions do not impact your credit limit.

How to Apply:

  1. Apply for a credit line with DLT’s approved 3rd party credit provider, DLL or Wells Fargo. Once your credit line has been established and put in place, we are now ready to accept the order.  
  2. Place your order and indicate on your purchase order "Flooring" in the terms section.
  3. DLT will get the approval directly from the flooring company. Once the approval number has been received, DLT will release your order.
  4. The 3rd Party financing company will remit payment directly to DLT.
  5. You are responsible for paying the 3rd Party financing company.

DLL Inventory Finance Flyer
Wells Fargo Finance Flyer


When your End User wants to finance a transaction through lease financing arranged by DLT, there are several benefits to you. Your credit limit is not impacted, which enables you to have more purchasing power. The leasing companies determine your End User's credit worthiness.

If you need additional information, email our Credit Team at creditapplications@dlt.com or reach out to your Sales representative.

Transparency Terms

Transparency terms provide a credit solution for Partners when their credit limit does not support an opportunity from a credit-approved customer. DLT has two types of transparency agreements, blanket transparency agreements or order specific agreements. This is a mentoring program for new Partners where DLT will guide you through the process and help you get paid.

Regardless of payment status from the end user, DLT will be paid within the terms of the Partner’s purchase order.

Important Note: Our late policy is still in effect.  Invoices not paid within terms are subject to a 1.5% per month interest charge.




  • Pay with plastic to help keep cash on hand. Your credit card’s billing cycle can keep more cash in your company. Just pay with your card, use the terms and let your money work for you.
  • Reduce the errors and expense of paying with paper. Paying with American Express® Cards or other major credit cards can cut down on paper-based processes, costs and manual-entry errors—all while helping keep cash on hand.
  • Paying is easier with American Express. Checks mean paperwork, process and people who can make mistakes. Eliminate those hassles—and costs—by paying with your American Express® Card or other major credit card.
  • Get what you want the way you want. We happily accept all major credit cards, including American Express® Cards, so you can pay for the things you need in the way that’s most convenient for you.

DLT is now encouraging the use of the American Express Buyer Initiated Payment (BIP) program for payment of outstanding invoices. This technology will improve your invoice payments process, allowing you to electronically initiate payments to us upon approval of your invoice, as well as streamlining our billing and collections efforts, enabling us to receive payments faster and more efficiently.

We ask for your cooperation in making this a mutually successful initiative. A representative from American Express will contact you to discuss this option in more detail.