Data science is the foundation for enabling a successful transformation into an AI-powered enterprise. However, many agencies are daunted by legacy architectures that were never designed to handle the demands of integrating, preparing and ultimately training models and ML algorithms with the speed and efficiency required for enterprise solutions. As public sector agencies modernize their IT infrastructure, the need to create a data strategy to insure that valuable information is leveraged as an asset and can support requirements for automation and data exchange associated with "Industry 4.0" technologies is critical. Let TD SYNNEX Public Sector and our partners help you.

TD SYNNEX Public Sector can help develop your organization’s data maturity. TD SYNNEX Public Sector has enterprise solutions to fulfill agency requirements – we can accelerate your capabilities. TD SYNNEX Public Sector helps U.S. Public Sector government agencies with their respective data strategies by assessing organizational requirements and recommending solutions designed to modernize their existing data infrastructure and driving innovative solutions having the capacity to transform services, operations, and decision-making to achieve mission outcomes more generally.

Our Approach

A chart of giving an overview of TD SYNNEX Public Sector's BDAD approach

The TD SYNNEX Public Sector Data Innovation Framework is a seven-layer solution, focused on all aspects associated with maturing an organization's data capabilities. Designed to start small and scale, from pilot, proof-of-concept to enterprise deployment, our solutions meet agencies where they currently reside in their maturity and help drive their capabilities forward.

A chart depicting the breakdown of the Data Innovation Framework by category