​Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys that occur in person, online, over-the-phone and through IoT interactions and applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results. Using Medallia Experience Cloud, organizations can support and achieve their mission by increasing trust, reducing complaints, and empowering employees to provide quality customer service, providing demonstrable returns on investment.


What Medallia Customers Say

Medallia for CX Professionals: Drive change across your organization & mobilize your organization around the customer

Your organization is counting on you to do extraordinary things. To reimagine the experience. To transform the culture. To build new enduring capabilities. To help the organization consistently deliver remarkable experiences. To help drive growth and continually win. Medallia knows how to help. We are the feedback backbone of many of the world's most loved brands and government agencies as well as those driving successful CX transformation.

Medallia for Employee Experience: Visibility, intelligence, and action to unlock the power of your people.

Engage and empower employees to drive better business performance. Your people are your most important asset. To win in the marketplace you must also win in the workplace. Medallia allows you to drive customer satisfaction and efficiency by designing, managing, and scaling world-class employee experience programs. With Medallia you can create a culture of empowerment and action, foster innovation and creativity, improve employee happiness and productivity, and elevate employee experience as a strategic pillar, central to your organization's success. 

Medallia for Contact Centers: Create memorable service experiences. 

Identify obstacles and remove issues for your customers. Pinpoint issues within the call center or upstream by analyzing survey comments, chat logs, and call transcripts with our text analytics engine. Then use A/B testing to confirm and validate improvements needed. This prevents issues from recurring and reduces the number of repeat calls.

Medallia for Location-Based Operations: Engage every local team to delivery excellence

Empower every team to deliver excellent customer experiences. Every location — whether it's in the field, at the agency, on the phone or other service point — is a meeting place for your brand, run by a local team. Medallia engages those teams with customized views of the customer experience so they can deliver excellence and learn from each customer interaction.

Medallia for Research & Insights: See through the noise to what matters most

Become a hub of customer-centric change. The key to your future as a company is transforming strategic insights into customer-centric change. Medallia equips research and insights teams with the tools they need to discover CX insights, influence stakeholders, and measure the impact of customer experience management initiatives.

Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
2GIT 47QTCA21A000Y Federal
CIO-CS HHSN316201500012W Federal
GSA Multiple Award Schedules GS-35F-267DA Federal, State
Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Software2 (ITES-SW2) W52P1J-20-D-0047 Federal
NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Multi-State Multi-Vendor IDIQ AR2480 State Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming
OMNIA Partners, Public Sector Software IDIQ R190902 State Texas
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal
State of California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) 3-16-70-1047B State California
State of Maryland Multi-Vendor COTS IDIQ 06B02490021 State Maryland
State of Texas DIR Multi-Vendor Software II IDIQ DIR-TSO-4236 State Texas

Medallia is Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) High Authorization, the highest level of FedRAMP authorization.

FedRAMP High authorization enables companies to interact with the government’s most sensitive unclassified data. FedRAMP provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Medallia Experience Cloud has met the stringent requirements to receive a FedRAMP High Authorization, providing a broad range of capabilities and benefits for any federal agency with assurance that the risk posture has undergone the most rigorous review offered by FedRAMP.

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