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DLT Cloud Navigator Program

DLT Cloud Navigator utilizes DLT’s position as the premier government solutions aggregator, with our deep public sector knowledge, and comprehensive understanding of cloud aggregation.
DLT Cloud Navigator utilizes DLT’s position as the premier government solutions aggregator, with our deep public sector knowledge, and comprehensive understanding of cloud aggregation.

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey With DLT Cloud Navigator

As a partner, finding the right path to profitability in the cloud is complex and time-consuming and the journey is unique to each organization. To grow your public sector profitability, you need a trusted leader and guide who knows cloud distribution, the public sector, and how to help take your business to the next level with maximized market opportunities. That's why we created DLT Cloud NavigatorTM — and why companies like AWS choose DLT to distribute cloud solutions to the public sector. Since 2011, DLT and Amazon Web Services (AWS), have partnered together to provide cloud solutions to the Public Sector. Awarded with the Government and Education Competencies, DLT is the only premier consulting partner and public sector distributor for AWS.

By choosing DLT as your AWS Public Sector Distributor, you will benefit from our Cloud Navigator services and gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace, with access to a comprehensive range of benefits and services, which include:

  • Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform
  • Billing Management & Expense Optimization
  • Resource Inventory and Utilization
  • Assessment of your Organization Cloud Readiness
  • A Broad Portfolio of In-House Contracts to Add to your Existing Portfolio
  • Access to a Robust Database of Public Sector Prospects
  • 24x7 U.S. Citizen, U.S. Soil ITAR and GovCloud Technical Management
  • AWS Certified In-House Engineers
  • Managed Service Provider Specialization
  • Maximizing the value of the AWS Partner Network Program
  • Cloud Business Strategy Planning
  • Channel Enablement and Training
  • Marketplace Support

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, whether just starting or born in the cloud, DLT Cloud Navigator will help you strategize and find the customizable path to profitability as your AWS Public Sector Distributor. Want more information? Start navigating your cloud journey with DLT today.

Mapping the Journey to the Cloud

The DLT Cloud Navigator program will help you strategize and find your customized path to profitability—whether you’re on-prem looking to take-off, airborne, or cruising in the cloud. With Cloud Navigator, DLT is your Cloud Co-Pilot, providing you with training, resources, technical support, and more to navigate your path to the cloud.


DLT Cloud Navigator Program

1. Cloud Flight School

Flight school is your first step in your journey to navigating, and mastering, the cloud. In Flight School, your Cloud Crew will cover the basics of cloud, what it takes to be accelerate to cloud profitability, what investments are required, and the support, resources and benefits you can expect through the DLT Cloud Navigator program.

Pilot teaching students. Text reads: 1. Flight School
Plane on a runway

2. Cloud Flight Plan

Delivering your technology, solutions, and services through the cloud is often complex. Where do you start? Are your customers still on premise? Are you even in the right channels to get off the ground? It all starts with the right flight plan to reach new altitudes in the cloud—DLT can help you navigate your path.

3. Taxi & Takeoff

Once you are on-board with DLT, there is plenty of runway to accelerate your cloud offerings. We will help you understand where your customers are in their cloud journey and what kinds of solutions they need. Our training and resources will help you and your team get up to speed with access to best-of-breed tools and training. Getting off of the runway can be daunting—with Cloud Navigator you can take off smoothly and focus on elevating your growth and profitability.

Plane taking off from runway
Plane flying above mountains

4. Ascent to the Cloud

Now that you are airborne, you are likely to encounter some turbulence. While some customers might require an initial migration from on premise to the cloud, others may require a full cloud-ready back office. With so many variables to consider, DLT is here to back you up. We are your "Cloud Co-Pilot", ready to help navigate your ascent with instruments like our Cloud Back Office support powered by CloudCheckr. Along with our array of cloud-ready contract vehicles, we will have you soaring in no time.

5. Reaching Cloud Cruising Altitude

"This is your captain speaking. You are now free to move about the cloud." Once you reach your cruising altitude, you can focus attention growth and cost optimization. With DLT as your "Cloud Co-Pilot", you will have constant support as you explore the cloud. Our ground crew will be in constant communication, providing training, resources, and technical support to enhance your cloud navigation. As a leader in accelerating public sector growth for technology companies, DLT is always on the cutting edge of what the cloud has to offer. With DLT as your Cloud Navigator, you can keep looking up.

Plane flying in the clouds