TD SYNNEX Public Sector and Intenda are working together to bring a complete end-to-end data fabric (FraXses) to the US Government. We enable you to maximize the value of your underlying data assets via a single virtual data base. 

FraXses can become your new 'clean' source of data and the absolute single point of truth for your data analytics, data scientists and developers. All of the below are delivered via a 'NoCode' and configuration approach delivered in a micro services architecture. Our clients typically experience a cost saving of 80%+ on data projects and a reduced delivery cycle of 90%+.

At a glance, it covers the complete cycle of:

  • Data federation and virtualization
  • Multi-key data relationship discovery through data content analysis
  • Data lineage and data pedigree
  • Configured 'in flight'/real time ETL, intelligent data lakes and new age data warehouses
  • Data pipelining
  • IoT
  • Internal and external data source blending with over 250 data connectors out the box
  • Data visualization
  • Write-back services, data migration(s) between systems and between cloud/on prem data sources (or any combination of these) 

FraXses for the USA Government comes bundled with:

LegoZ — configuration of data sources (internal and external), build your new logical data structures from your underlying data sources (data objects), define virtual fields carrying the answer for complex calculations and/or aggregations. LegoZ treats the world of data sources as one relational database whether they are from structured databases, document stores like MongoDB, columnar sources, API's or csv files. Enabling the user to use SQL-99 standard of data querying to communicate between disparate sources.

  • Pedigree and Lineage visualizer — visually see your configured data sources and relationship links between data sources
  • Data relationship discovery — FraXses can discover data relationships across all your disparate data sources. 

It includes the following functionality:

  • A fully automated advanced algorithm that discovers relationships in hours and days instead of weeks, months or years
  • The discovery of relationships between disparate data sources, some that the agency might not even know exists
  • Discovery of partial relationships and errors between related data
  • An intuitive interface that shows the discovered relationships' confidence percentage (for easy approval)
  • The process can be run with related sampling or execute over all data
  • The option to add easily add new datasets in order to discover additional relationships
  • FlowZ — configure your data pipelines and IoT streams in and out of the data fabric. Strong support for data transformations and write-back services
  • Events Engine — create your own events/micro services, through configuration, to run specific tasks that you would like to perform on your data, executed by FraXses. You are in control of the flow and logic FraXses must use to execute.
  • AnalyticZ — Configure grids and graphs instantly with AnalyticZ. Once you have connected to a data source(s), configured a data object, which is a virtual table linked to underlying data source(s), you can instantly visualize your data. A process that can takes minutes versus the typical weeks or months of effort.
Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
CIO-CS HHSN316201500012W Federal