TD SYNNEX Public Sector and Informatica partner together to provide data integration software and services that empower your agency to access, integrate, and trust all its information assets. As the independent data integration leader, Informatica helps the world’s leading agencies leverage all their information assets. Its open, platform-neutral software accesses data of virtually all types and makes it accessible, meaningful and usable to the people and processes that need it. With products that encourage collaboration across the enterprise, Informatica reduces costs, speeds time to results and scales to handle data integration projects of any size or complexity.

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Application Information Lifecycle Management

The Application Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) product family helps your agency manage every phase of the data lifecycle, from development and testing to archiving and retirement. The Application ILM consists of the following software: Informatica Data Archive, Informatica Data Privacy and Informatica Data Subset. The Application ILM reduces total cost of ownership while increasing return on investment for enterprise business applications by:

  • Managing data growth
  • Optimizing test data management
  • Supporting regulatory compliance
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Supporting corporate divestitures and reorganizations
  • Safely retiring legacy systems and applications

Cloud Data Integration

To gain full value from your enterprise data—whether it resides in the cloud or on premise—your organization must be able to access, integrate, and trust them. You need a comprehensive, unified, open, and economical cloud data integration solution. The Data Cloud Integration suite encompasses:

  • Back Office Synchronization
  • Business/IT Alignment
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Master Synchronization
  • Data Archiving
  • Data Migration
  • Data Replication
  • Legacy Application Retirement

Data Integration

How does your IT organization access, integrate, and deliver critical data your business needs—when, where, and how it needs it — to help your company stay efficient, agile, and competitive? The Data Integration offering includes the following capabilities:

  • PowerExchange to get access to data quickly
  • PowerCenter business analysts
  • Developers and global IT Teams
  • PowerCenter CDC to increase agility and right-time access
  • IT Management
  • Flexible access
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Provision trusted data at any application, at any latency, using any protocol
  • Reduce costs with universal access

Data Quality

Informatica Data Quality extends the existing data quality capabilities of the Informatica Platform to deliver pervasive data quality to all stakeholders, all projects, and all data domains for all projects and all business applications — on premise or in the cloud — using a single, unified platform. With Informatica Data Quality, your entire organization can:

  • Proactively cleanse the data for all applications and keep it clean
  • Share in the responsibility for data quality and data governance
  • Build confidence and trust in enterprise data

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Enable Analytics

Achieve your mission by creating great data that fuels innovative business decisions. Does your agency have its data situation under control? What does it take for your team to refine raw data into something useful? What does the process look like to access and ingest, parse and prepare, discover and profile, transform and cleanse, and extract and deliver data of all types? Typically, 80 percent of a data scientist’s time is spent preparing the data for analysis — not on the analysis itself. With the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, your raw data from practically any source (like legacy systems, transactional systems, social media, or the Internet of Things) or any location (whether on premise or in the cloud), will be turned into great data that’s delivered securely where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Master Data Index

The ability to share data across these systems gives government the opportunity to improve how it conducts business. Bringing data together from multiple sources offers agencies unprecedented insight into citizens, programs, services, departments, organizations, providers, and employees. Informatica’s solution takes information from multiple sources and creates a complete, accurate, and reliable master record. The software identifies the data and then provides visibility into discovered relationships — even when that data is stored in different formats. It transforms inconsistent, duplicate, and conflicting data into a single version of the truth — a golden record of all the critical entities associated with your agency or program.

Data Security and Privacy

A recent Ponemon study showed that 57 percent of IT practitioners do not know where all the sensitive or confidential data exists within their organizations. This statistic doesn’t do much to inspire confidence and trust, especially when the General Accounting Office (GAO) has estimated that cyber attacks on the U.S. government have increased 680 percent over the last six years. One way to mitigate risk is to discover and permanently mask confidential and sensitive data from non-production environments, such as test and development environments. Another is to dynamically mask data stored in production systems to provide more tightly controlled access, and give control of this function to the business users who understand the nature and context of the data.


As agencies wrestle with antiquated IT systems and increasing volumes of data, the journey to the cloud can seem too difficult. Yet, the promise of saving billions of dollars per year is compelling enough to stay the course. To help guide you on your way to the cloud, Informatica offers a proven data-integration platform that addresses your data needs during and after your migration, consolidation, or rationalization. Your data will get where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, in the format it needs to be in.

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