DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra™ in a database platform purpose-built for the performance and availability demands for IoT, Web and mobile applications. This gives enterprises a secure, always-on database technology that remains operationally simple when scaling in a single datacenter or across multiple datacenters and clouds. As government organizations are looking to innovate through the use of technology and build the Digital Government of tomorrow, DataStax is the leading database platform able to power that innovation. Through this partnership, DLT Solutions will help deliver DSE to the public sector to power online applications that must remain in an “always-on” state across a broad range of environments

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra in a database platform that meets the performance and availability demands of Internet-of-things (IoT), Web, and Mobile applications. It gives enterprises a secure, fast, always-on database that remains operationally simple when scaled in a single datacenter or across multiple datacenters and clouds.

DataStax Enterprise Modules and Features

  • DataStax Enterprise Expert Support
    Your success is our top priority. Whether you have a new Web, mobile or IoT application in development or have database clusters already in production, we offer a wide range of support services to help ensure that our industry-leading NoSQL data management solution, DataStax Enterprise, exceeds your expectations.

    DataStax delivers the type of expert support and services for both production and non-production database systems that you require and expect. Our expert support teams are backed by the world’s foremost experts in Apache Cassandra and distributed database systems.
  • DataStax Enterprise Advanced Security
    Protecting the data collected by an enterprise is a top priority for CIO’s, database and security administrators, and others in IT operations. Data breaches cost companies plenty, both in terms of dollars and reputation, when they occur as trust between the enterprise and their customer is damaged.

    DataStax Enterprise (DSE) inherits the basic security feature set provided in open source Apache Cassandra and builds upon it to provide a set of commercial security extensions that enterprises need to protect critical data.
  • Production-Certified Apache Cassandra
    The open source Apache Cassandra NoSQL database has quickly become the preferred data management platform for Web, Mobile, and IoT applications that need to scale and perform in distributed environments that consist of multiple data centers and/or clouds.

    Cassandra’s masterless, shared nothing architecture provides enterprises with constant uptime for their transactional/operational database applications as well as a flexible data model capable of storing today’s modern datatypes and operational simplicity for easy database management.
  • DataStax Enterprise Automatic Management Services
    Tasks like performance monitoring and troubleshooting, backup and disaster recovery, capacity planning, and other similar database maintenance functions can consume most of the day for database administration and operations groups, leaving little time to devote to other areas of the business.

    DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Automatic Management services are designed to increase the productivity of DBA and operations groups charged with managing database systems by automating important maintenance and monitoring routines. DSE’s Automatic Management services help ensure maximum uptime, performance, and data protection for managed
  • DataStax OpsCenter
    DataStax OpsCenter is a web-based visual management and monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. OpsCenter provides architects, DBAs, and operations staff with the capabilities necessary to intelligently and proactively ensure their databases are running well and simplifies administration tasks.
  • DataStax Enterprise In-Memory
    In-Memory technology has become a popular way to increase the performance of today’s modern applications that require very fast response times. While In-Memory computing does not lend itself for use in all application use cases, in those where its use is appropriate, the performance difference between In-Memory and disk-based technologies can be many orders of magnitude with some differentials reaching anywhere from 30-100X.

    DataStax Enterprise’s (DSE) In-Memory option supplies In-Memory computing abilities to Cassandra, and lets developers, architects and administrators easily choose what parts (some or all) of a database reside fully in RAM.

    The In-Memory option of DSE is designed to service use cases that lend themselves to In-Memory computing while allowing disk-based workloads to be quickly serviced by Cassandra’s traditional storage model. This design allows applications with both In-Memory and disk-based needs to be supported by one database platform.
  • DataStax Enterprise Search
    The ability to quickly search and find data is a key requirement of all web and mobile applications. While the need for search functionality may be common to all modern applications, integrating search capabilities into systems built for the always-on, high-speed Internet economy can be extremely difficult.

    DataStax Enterprise supplies built-in enterprise search functionality on Cassandra data that scales and performs in a way that meets the search requirements of modern Internet Enterprise applications.
  • DataStax Enterprise Analytics
    Your enterprise needs to capitalize on the data contained in your operational database systems in ways that provide the fastest possible time-to-insight so you can quickly make decisions that benefit your customer and business. This translates into being able to smartly run analytics on transactional data as well as being able to integrate that data with historical information contained in data warehouses when necessary.

    DataStax Enterprise delivers powerful integrated analytics on Cassandra data for enterprise systems that constantly interact with external customers and internal users. Applications such as fraud detection systems, recommendation engines, IoT deployments, and other similar social applications are perfect fit for DSE Analytics.
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